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Judge severely punished for running her<br /><br />
          ministry from the bench

Judge severely punished for running her ministry from the bench

by Afiya J. Watkins In a bizarre case involving a tenured judge, the Florida Supreme Court handed down the most severe available penalty to a judge accused of having used her courtroom to advertise her for-profit ministry. Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins was accused of running Gaza Road Ministries out of her offices at the county courthouse. […]

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Warning: Public Schools Are Working Quickly to Send Black Children to Jail

Reported by April V. Taylor The school to prison pipeline is a widely discussed phenomenon, but few people take a deeper look into the paradigm to understand the root causes.  By definition, the school to prison pipeline is a national trend where more and more children are being funneled out of public schools and into […]

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Roland Martin under fire for<br /><br />
          telling black women to cover their stomachs

Roland Martin under fire for telling black women to cover their stomachs

by Afiya J. Watkins Roland Martin is a man who tells it like is it is. Outspoken and sometimes controversial, he has been known to make inflammatory statements from time to time, and no one has been off limits. If you follow him on twitter, you will likely see a barrage of unsolicited musings that […]

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Georgia Officer Arrested After Spitting on Black Woman, Calling Her the “N” Word

A Georgia police officer was placed on administrative leave without pay after an African-American woman reported that the officer spit on her and called her a racial slur. Michele Griffith, 27, says off duty Clayton County Officer Thomas Sheats followed her closely, eventually bumping her car with his, while honking his horn. Griffith says it […]

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Black Brazilian Women Fed Up With Tourists Revering Them as Prοstitutes

Reported by April V. Taylor There are many aspects of the 2014 World Cup that have not yielded positive experiences for citizens of the host country Brazil.  One that has been overlooked is the experience of Brazil’s women.  NewsOne recently reported on American journalist Vincent Bevins’ coverage of the atmosphere and the stereotypes held by […]

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White Officer Who Body Slammed Black Female Professor On Paid Leave

Reported by April V. Taylor There’s been an update in the case of Arizona State University professor Dr. Ersula Ore.  Despite ASU officials initially determining that there was no misconduct, national outrage about the incident has caused the department to backtrack on its initial statement.  The university is now requesting that the FBI review whether or […]

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Damon Dash has had a lot to say in the media lately about race and money.  Black wealth building is a very important topic for the black community right now, and it’s good that Dash…

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by Dr. Sinclair Grey Fear has kept many people from stepping out on faith and becoming an entrepreneur. With all of the uncertainties surrounding owning your own business, it’s no wonder why so many people…

Many Jamaicans feel Americans have gone overboard on homosexuality

Recently on Gay Pride Day when millions flaunted tolerance and support for the LGBT community, in one Caribbean city, more than 25,000 people rallied against the international parade by supporting a newly organized civil society group named Jamaica Cause — Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation. “Our emancipation means standing up for strong families, our […]

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce have a great history together after their run in championship run in Boston.  By using a mid-level exception or a sign and trade Pierce and Rivers…

United Nations to Discuss Confidential Policy With POTUS About Detroit

July 3, 2014No CommentRead MoreReported by April V. Taylor Following a statement regarding Detroit shutting off water to residential customers who were behind on their bills, the United Nations is now planning to hold confidential policy discussions with the Obama Administration regarding the matter.  After the discussions, a formal public report will the submitted to the United Nations Human […]

Surge In Black Juvenile Arrests Forces Black Men to Step Up In VA

July 3, 2014No CommentRead MoreReported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger The goal of a new initiative has been launched to help solve the problem of racial disparity in Charlottesville, Virginia’s juvenile justice system. The push comes after a study found that more than two-thirds of juvenile arrests in Charlottesville over the last 3½ years involved blacks and three times as many […]

Less Than 1 Percent of the World’s Population Own Nearly 40 Percent of Global Assets

Reported by April V. Taylor A 2010 study focused on taking a closer look at how the wealth of nations and social classes is being redistributed.  The study uncovered what many other studies have: that the rich continue to get richer while the poorer continue to get poorer.  This is a direct result of global central […]


The latest from the writers in the Your Black World Network

Two-year old girl murdered at point blank range

Witnesses in the Detroit area say the saw a man walk up to two kids playing in a yard, where he first shot a a 2-year-old girl “point-blank,” then turned the gun on her family. “He shot the baby,” said Andy Anderson, 51, of Detroit who was standing near a car when the shooting started. “I thought, […]

Researchers say George Washington’s teeth were yanked from the mouths of slaves

July 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Yolanda Spivey As a little girl, I’ll never forget going on a class trip to Jumel Terrace in New York City where we learned about the life of America’s first president, George Washington. There,…



The Democratic Party loves to tout its diversity, but a new study found that the party doesn’t put its money where its mouth is. According to POLITICO, less than 2 percent of the party’s payments…


She Got Game: 9-Year-Old Jaden Newman Already Recruited By University Of Miami

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris The University of Miami is recruiting its next basketball star that is reported to have a crossover like Allen Iverson and handles the ball like Muggsy Bogues. Who is this rising star … well SHE is a point guard at Downey Christian School and is one of the best young basketball […]



BY:  John “Hennry” Harris The Ice Cube-produced N.W.A. biopic is underway and fans are anxiously anticipating the full-length feature film to hit the theaters. While Ice Cube’s son, O’shea Jackson, Jr. has been cast to play the young Ice Cube,…


Dr. Samori Swygert: Hidden Colors 3 is an outstanding film!

Movie Review: Hidden Colors 3 a smash hit must see! By: Dr. Samori Swygert The ground breaking documentary series, Hidden Colors, debuted its’ 3rd installment (Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism) last night (6/26/2014) in select theaters across the country. Hidden Colors 3 was a masterful production, and I consider it to be mandatory […]

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Welfare Drug Testing Now the Law in Tennessee

Mandatory drug testing for welfare applicants is now officially the law in Tennessee. The law, passed in 2012, gives the state permission to screen applicants of the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The new law would have applicants answer a series of questions, one of which would ask about drug use. If a person […]

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Katt Williams allegedly pulls a gun out on a heckler


You might need to say an extra prayer for Katt Williams.  The comedian has been in the media more for his awkward behavior than anything else, and it appears that he keeps getting closer to self-destruction.  According to TMZ, Katt was in the Comedy Store in West Hollywood this week and created a situation that […]



How Can You Use Your Income to Accelerate Your Wealth?

July 2, 2014No CommentRead More#William R. Patterson is a world renowned executive coach, award-winning lecturer, and national best-selling author. He is the CEO and co-founder of The Baron Solution Group which company holds business and personal finance workshops in cities across the United States based on the strategies Patterson outlines in his book, “The Baron Son.” The company is […]


Michael Eric Dyson: What Are The Keys To Improving The Plight of Black Men?

July 2, 20142 CommentsRead More#Michael Eric Dyson is an author, scholar, minister, and commentator who was born October 23, 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. He became an ordained Baptist minister at 19 and entered Knoxville college at the age of 21 after having done factory work to help support his family.  In 1985, Dyson graduated from Carson-Newman College with a […]

Financial Lovemaking: If a woman dates a thug, does she deserve the consequences?  

The media plays a huge role in determining what we want out of our lives and out of our relationships.  Black people are fed specific imagery that sometimes glorifies thugs and athletes over regular, hard-working men, and there are some who feel that these messages are harmful to young women seeking mates. But is it […

White kids beat a black teen to death, but their sentences anger the community

Continue reading …By Andrew Scot Bolsinger An Ohio man pled guilty for his part in the beating death of 16-year-old Dione Payne and received an 11-year sentence. Adam Patrick, 30, is the second to accept a plea deal in the case that once had them facing life without parole. Now concern has been raised that the white […]

April V. Taylor Multiple news sources including the Daily Mail are reporting that former vice president Dick Cheney made a dire prediction during his recent appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Hewitt asked Cheney if he thought that the United States would “get through this decade without another massive attack on the homeland.” Cheney responded […]

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By Raynard Jackson NNPA Columnist A few weeks ago, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) made a stunning announcement that caused a lot of consternation in the Black community. UNCF had accepted a $ 25 million contribution from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation. Under normal circumstances, David and Charles Koch – the brothers […]

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