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Claustrophobic Woman Claws Her Way Out of<br /><br />
          Locked Bathroom

Claustrophobic Woman Claws Her Way Out of Locked Bathroom

A Washington D.C. woman is being heralded as some sort of breakout artist after escaping a locked bathroom with her bare hands. When Karen Perrin realized she’d somehow…

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Lawsuit Alleges Resort Styled West<br /><br />
          Palm Beach Condo Had ‘No Blacks’ Policy

Lawsuit Alleges Resort Styled West Palm Beach Condo Had ‘No Blacks’ Policy

A federal lawsuit against the owners of a West Palm Beach, FL resort style condo development alleges that staff at the property refused to show condos to African-Americans,…

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Black-balled<br /><br />
          Creator of “Good Times” Last Seen Homeless, Fighting off Crack<br /><br />

Black-balled Creator of “Good Times” Last Seen Homeless, Fighting off Crack Addiction

The story is seven years old, and we don’t know how it ends.  But we thought that our readers might want to hear about it.  You may or…

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Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Reveal Their 2013<br /><br />
          Family Christmas Card

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Reveal Their 2013 Family Christmas Card

by Barry Burch Jr. The Bryant’s are alive and well and they are showing the entire world through way of an exquisite family Christmas card. If there was any question about the status of Kobe and wife Vanessa, it should now be answered.  Vanessa posted pictures from the Bryant family Christmas photo shoot, and everyone […]

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Lil Wayne’s<br /><br />
            Baby Mama Goes to Jail

Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Goes to Jail

Toya Wright is best-known as the woman who had a baby with the rapper Lil Wayne.  She is becoming more infamous by the day after being arrested down in Atlanta.  TMZ is reporting that Wright’s mugshot is being splattered all over the internet, but no one knows exactly what she was arrested for. The reports […]

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Monica Calhoun Puts<br /><br />
            Her Special Needs Son Before Her Career – 5 Other<br /><br />
            Interesting Facts

Monica Calhoun Puts Her Special Needs Son Before Her Career – 5 Other Interesting Facts

By Yolanda Spivey Monica Calhoun was born on July 29, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She moved cross country with her family to California where as a child, she worked with famed director F. Gary Gray.  Monica is best known for her roles in the films, The Best Man, Players Club, Bagdad Café, and Sister Act 2: Back in the […]

‘Fake’ Sign Language<br /><br />
          Interpreter at Mandela Funeral Was Making Meaningless Hand<br /><br />

‘Fake’ Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Funeral Was Making Meaningless Hand Gestures

The sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral on Tuesday wasn’t an interpreter at all, according to experts. Instead of interpreting for the deaf, he was only making…

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18 Los Angles County<br /><br />
          Deputies Charged With Civil Rights Violations of Prison<br /><br />

18 Los Angles County Deputies Charged With Civil Rights Violations of Prison Inmates

by Greg B. CNN first reported that 18 L.A county deputies have been indicted on civil rights violations, including corruption as a result of an FBI probe. Monday…

Shameful: Day Care Worker Steals Earrings<br /><br />
            from 18-month-old

Shameful: Day Care Worker Steals Earrings from 18-month-old

by Barry Burch Jr. Times are hard, real hard.  But so hard, you steal from a baby?  Things can’t be that tight, or can they? One New York woman must think so.  She committed an act worthy of solidifying the saying many times over. The woman’s name is Desire Santiago and she was arrested by […]

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Teens Murder Iraq War Veteran They Met On Craigslistby Greg B. Two teens from Indiana, are facing murder charges this week. The pair whom are brothers; Tryon, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18, allegedly shot Jim Vester 32. The pair set up a meeting, after creating a fake Craigslist ad to sell an iPad. Vester agreed to meet the pair on Wyckford Dr., in Indianapolis, […]

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4 U.S. Presidents to Attend Nelson Mandela’s<br /><br />
            Memorial this WeekOur World will witness an amazing memorial service, for an amazing anti- apartheid leader and former South African President, Nelson Mandela, who died last week at the age of 95. The memorial service will be held, this Tuesday December 10, 2013, at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was the site of […]

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5 Strategic Components of Nation Building

December 10, 2013


by Dr. Terry Jackson When we consider the important topic of Nation Building what strategic components do you consider? Have you given any thought to Nation Building for African Americans?  If you took time to reflect on the game of chess and used it as a model and acronym to build a strategy what terms would you choose and why? … Read More »

Leadership: What Is Under Your Lid?

December 10, 2013

law of the lid

by Andrea Foy I am a certified John Maxwell Coach which means I have been trained personally by Dr. Maxwell to share his programs on leadership.  For the next few months I plan to discuss his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Each week I will share his comments, and then add my observations.  Feel free to leave comments as … Read More »

One Woman Reveals The Secret Reasons Her Family Never Gets Sick

One Woman Reveals The Secret<br /><br />
                  Reasons Her Family Never Gets SickBy: Krystle Crossman Ashleigh Hitchcock and her family are the pinnacle of health. They rarely, if ever, get sick. How do they stay so healthy? Ashleigh shares six secrets to…

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How You Can Successfully Date More Than One Man at a Time

How You Can Successfully Date More<br /><br />
                  Than One Man at a TimeBy: Krystle Crossman Before you settle down with one person for the rest of your life you want to explore your options. This means dating a few people at a…

How to Quickly Dig Yourself Out of the Dumps of Depression

December 9, 2013


by Kristie Kennedy At some point in our lives we will all experience some type of unpleasant situation that leaves our hearts saddened. This state of mind should not be a normal way of living. If it is the medical community terms it as depression. Recently, I discovered a definition of depression that vividly expresses what is happening emotionally beneath the … Read More »


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