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Microsoft’s Next Chairman Is Going To Be A Black Man

Microsoft’s Next Chairman Is Going To Be A Black Man

By Lechette Walker John W. Thompson, one of the few African Americans in technology, has been chosen to take Microsoft to the next level during the uprising of the tablet and smartphone transformation. He will be the second chairman in the history of Microsoft leading after the legendary Bill Gates. Gates will still have a […]

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Two Boys Who Were Sent to Prison for Kissing a White Girl

Two Boys Who Were Sent to Prison for Kissing a<br />
          White GirlBy Yolanda Spivey In 1958, two African American boys were playing with friends in the White section of their North Carolina town.  It was an innocent time in their lives.  James Hanover Thompson was 9 and David Simpson was 7 years old at the time. While playing, a friend suggested that one of the little […]


by Dr. Boyce Watkins People often romanticize the 38-year marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela.  The thought of a strong woman waiting 27 years for her husband’s release sends shivers down the spine. But sometimes…

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By Lechette Walker The staff at Resurrecting Faith was told by their pastor, A. J. Aamir that the leadership staff cannot wear weaves because of his personal insight on the costly maintenance. Pastor Aamir has…


‘Freedom<br />
              Summer’ Airing on PBS

‘Freedom Summer’ Airing on PBS

By Carolyn Hall PBS continues to do a phenomenal job telling the harsh, but realistic and often untold truth of American History.  In another installment of the “Freedom Rider” documentary, they tell the story of the “Freedom Summer,” which took place in the summer of 1964. This “Freedom Summer” takes an in-depth look at the […]

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PBS Honors Alice Walker’s ‘Beauty In Truth’ LegacyBy:  Lillian Armstead Pulitzer Prize winner, Alice Walker is thinking about her legacy.  She has donated some of her works to Emory University.  Her book, “The Color Purple’ is in e-book format.  She also worked with the publisher Simon & Schuster in getting some of her journal entries published.  Her documentary, “Alice Walker: Beauty in […]


Tony Dungy uncommon marriage

Tony Dungy Talks About The Time He Got Arrested

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By: Lillian Armstead Tony Dungy, the ex-football coach found himself locked up in jail for a $5.00 traffic ticket at one point in his life. He explained how the cops knocked on his door while…

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BY: Brandon Simmons If you asked somebody about Stephon Marbury, their recent memories of him would not serve beneficial for the former All-Star point guard. After a recent game in China, negative highlights of his career…



Wendy Williams Donates Wig and Pink Microphone To Smithsonian Exhibit

Wendy<br />
                    Williams Donates Wig and Pink Microphone To<br />
                    Smithsonian ExhibitBy Nigel Boys The Smithsonian Institution museum, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., is set to become the recipient of a different kind of artifacts that have been donated by syndicated television talk show host, Wendy Williams Hunter. The actress, media personality and author, will be giving some of items that she has used […]

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Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Do Revealing Lingerie Shoot

Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Do<br />
                    Revealing Lingerie ShootBy Lechette Walker Eddie Murphy’s daughters Bria and Shayne poised in a strip down shoot for iamEpic photography in LA.  The revealing images that expose the fit models in their lingerie have been posted on Instagram. Bria, posing with her curly hair is in the bikini parading her shape with a coordinating bra that is provocative […]

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Which Americans Are Enjoying More 0rg@sms Than Everybody Else

Which Americans Are<br />
                      Enjoying More 0rg@sms Than Everybody ElseBy: Krystle Crossman does an annual study called Singles in America. They look at different aspects of the single life and compare them to those who are in a…

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How a Woman with a “perfect body” Today Compares to a Woman 100 Years Ago

How a<br />
                      Woman with a “perfect body” Today Compares to a<br />
                      Woman 100 Years AgoBy: Krystle Crossman If you were to look at models and actresses from the beginning of the century in the 1900s you would see women that look healthy. They have…



Why Are People Attacking Pam<br />
                        Oliver For Her Hair?

Why Are People Attacking Pam Oliver For Her Hair?

By Carolyn Hall The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events of the year. However, it seems that more attention was given to sideline reporter’s hair, Fox News Pam Oliver, than what happened on the field. According to innumerable news reports, Twitter pandonium, and FACEBOOK feed madness, Miss Oliver had a “horrific […]

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Hollywood Heartthrob Michael Ealy Explains<br />
                        Why He Was Secretly Married

Hollywood Heartthrob Michael Ealy Explains Why He Was Secretly Married

By Carolyn Hall Well ladies, bad news for us: If you haven’t guessed from the headlines one of our favorite African-American heartthrobs is off the market. Not that we would have ever met him in real life, but it sure was nice thinking we had a chance. While out promoting his new film, in which […]

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Yolanda<br />
                        Spivey: Let’s Not Forget that Black Women Were<br />
                        Lynched Too

Yolanda Spivey: Let’s Not Forget that Black Women Were Lynched Too

By Yolanda Spivey I am a big advocate on telling young Black children the horrors and atrocities that Black people faced while living in America.  I feel if they know their history, they are less likely to repeat it.  Unfortunately, many of our young ones don’t know their history, and Black children’s lives are in […]

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Mother Let<br />
                        Convicted $ex Offender Back Into Her Home With<br />

Mother Let Convicted $ex Offender Back Into Her Home With Daughters

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Natavious Mays, a convicted $ex offender was captured again in the state of Georgia with his girlfriend, Darrika Driver, who was charged with child cruelty and harboring a $ex offender. The strange thing about this couple is that Mays initially was arrested when he molested Driver’s two young daughters who […]

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Which<br />
                        Best-Selling Black Writer Was Labeled Maryland’s<br />
                        “Top Tax Cheat”?

Which Best-Selling Black Writer Was Labeled Maryland’s “Top Tax Cheat”?

Best selling writer “Zane”, whose real name is Kristina Laferne Roberts, is best known for her salacious novels, but the Maryland based writer has just been labeled a tax cheat by her state. According to the IRS, the 47 year old writer owes the government a whopping $541,000. A lien was placed on the writer’s […]


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