This Wednesday,
7 PM – 11 PM
(doors open @ 6:30 PM)
The Club Fox
2209 Broadway,
Redwood City, CA (click for map)

a benefit for Garth Webber
The Band:

Peter Booras, drums
Joe Cohen, saxophone
Myron Dove (of Santana), bass
Tony “Macaroni” Lufrano, keyboards.
Garth Webber, guitar.
with special guests:
Paula Harris, Paula Helene, John Lawton, Lara Price, Pamela Rose and more!

Musicians (unless really famous) rarely are wealthy, rarely have stockpiles of money to fall back on and so when life places an unforeseen bump in the road, it’s a hardship. In every city I have lived, the music community, that’s musicians and fans of live music, pull together in support. Our dear friend Garth Webber awoke to an explosive sound on the morning of October 2nd to see his front yard in flames. A seagull had landed on power lines, shorting them out, causing a grass-fire which soon spread to the house. Though the Berkeley fire department came quickly and did an exemplary job, there was extensive fire damage to his home and some studio equipment was destroyed by the accompanying power surge. Garth and his cats were unscathed, but to this day he has no proper electricity or heat in his living quarters. Fortunately he has insurance which will eventually cover repairs etc but he has had to cover the expenses of life after some lost work and no refrigeration.

It’s time for our music community to pull together and enjoy a fantastic show while raising a bit of cash for our dear friend and one of the Bay Area’s finest guitarists and studio engineers. All this for a mere $10, though additional donations cheerfully accepted.

NOTE: tonight is not a jam, The jam will return next week.$10 donation at the door!


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