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AD3 Music was founded by Archie Harrison, Sr. and Daniela Amato in response to the needs of musicians, industry professionals, and consumers to have a central location that encourages creativity, professional networking, and entertainment. AD3 Music is an online corporate complex that offers distribution through website and radio play, promotion, professional networking, web-space leasing, event ticket sales, and a forum for social networking…..all under one umbrella!
Why AD3 Music?
Over the years, the industry has lost focus and created an environment where artists struggle to earn a living. Without income, artists cannot afford to create well mastered tracks, and are not able to afford the services of professionals who can help them to succeed. While these two groups are suffering, consumers float from one place to another in an attempt to hear great music.
With over 30 collective years of experience in the music industry, event planning, and management, AD3 Music is positioned for success. The founders of AD3 Music promise to bring together industry professionals, artists, and consumers by providing a “one-stop company” to address the needs of its members and affiliates.
AD3 Music is “powered for excellence”!
We understand that no battle was ever won without unity and a solid foundation. The foundation has been built! Our affiliates include Archafella Records, Alexandria Armani Management, Music Choice, 66 Raw, NISC Radio, and Our list continues to grow. As AD3 Music affiliations expand and develop, so do the benefits to our artists and consumers!
Archie Harrison, Sr. and Daniela Amato would like to thank you for your interest and support! Stay tuned!
AD3 Music- Powered for Excellence Link address to our radio station on FB.

A.D.3 Music, LLC
Twitter: @ad3music


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