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A very Happy Fridayto you!

I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding an interview we’ve recently conducted which I thought might be of interest for you and your readers.

Hollywood actress Blake Lively has recently launched her very own business venture to tap into her personal passion for all things food and fashion.

Her website, Preserve, is a digital monthly magazine, video blog, and e-commerce lifestyle venture that promotes and sells artisan-made or indie-brand products as well as talented handicrafts people who have a knack for making things. Preserve features articles, recipes and fashion spreads in addition to a Lively-curated collection of products for sale including bow ties, sterling silver jewellery, jars of vegan hot fudge, porcelain vases, California-shaped cutting boards and more.

Despite coming in for recent criticism over the venture, we spoke with Lively to understand where this passion came from and how she’s managed two parallel careers.

During the interview several topics were discussed, including:

  • The origins of the business and website
  • Growing up with a natural curiosity for handiwork, antiques, and craftsmanship
  • Indulging her passion for cooking
  • The influence her mother had on these passions
  • How visiting Paris at the age of 15 sparked her love of European culture and cuisine
  • Overcoming her shyness as a child and developing the confidence to enjoy a successful Hollywood career
  • Being a fashion icon
  • What being married to heartthrob Ryan Reynolds is really like…

I wondered if you could make good use of the transcript for a forthcoming issue in the near future. It is now available in full on a first-come, first-served basis with full national exclusivity rights guaranteed.

If you were to purchase it you can use and edit the text however you wish for your publication, and a selection of complimentary hi-res images can be provided to go with the text. Also, through our partnership with Press Association, we have additional photo-shoot images available too, for a small fee.

If this is of interest, have any questions, or would like to review this excellent, insightful transcript, please do let me know ASAP so we can plan ahead accordingly.



Ben Priest
Account Manager
Interview Hub


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