David Z All-Star Fundraiser / TODAY! Sunday, March 7th from 2-5 PM PST Live
I am excited to be a part of the David Z Foundation All-Star Fundraiser . We will be raising money for music education in memory of David Z, and celebrating his brother Paulie Z’s birthday.
There will be a video debut performance with me on lead acoustic guitar for the KISS song “I Still Love You”.
It’s a special collaboration with Paulie Z (vocals), and Gabriel Connor (vocals/guitar). We came together to create this haunting version of this great song with us dedicating it to my late brother Bob, Paulie’s brother David, and Gabriel’s father.
Be sure to tune in for this song, and an epic day of music featuring professional artists and students working together for a good cause.
FB Live –


Bruce Kulick…what a pleasure and as a fan, truly an honor!

Check it out at The Cosmick View!

The Cosmick Viewmerveilleusement bien.

2 h


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