George Ruiz, I am the CEO of SUPERXTAR, a Global Online Singing Contest and I have GREAT NEWS for singers and songwriters: SuperXtar launches on this November 4th a NEW Contest, with $1,000 weekly and $5,000 monthly prizes. Look at all of these other amazing prizes that our sponsor, VrTuoTV, has for SINGERS like you: The TWELVE MONTHLY WINNERS, each with two companions, WILL BE FLOWN from ANYWHERE AROUND the WORLD to the GRAND FINALE site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Hotel and meal packages for 10 days, and tour and transportation around Nashville included. Monthly Winners will participate in the VrTuo TV reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’ Grand finale prizes: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive $100,000, plus a RECORDING CONTRACT and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle. All Winners will receive free promotion in all of our social media channels. If we have already featured your video in a previous weekly contest, then DON’T PANIC! You can submit it again! In a completely new twist for a talent contest, every week our sponsor will also give $4,000 in Bitcoins to random Voters as well. Yes, your fans will be delighted to know that they can win money voting for you. (You will be doing them a favor!) Submit your video today! You can find answers to all your questions in the FAQ section in our website. NOTE: This is all new contest and not many singers worldwide know about our amazing prizes yet, the longer you wait to participate, the more contenders will register and the more



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