Chick Corea: Live w/ Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, RTF, Bobby McFerrin & more!

New CD & DVD from RTF IV Coming Soon!

Now that the wildly successful Return to Forever IV tour has wrapped up — they’re already back at work on the NEXT project … a new CD and DVD. Look for more info in upcoming newsletters.Lenny White (producer) has a serious task: sort through the massive amounts of material to pick the “best of the best.” Then he’ll be mixing in New York throughout November.

John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock and Chick
Herbie Hancock and John McLaughlin play with Chick in November

And speaking of NYC in November …Join Chick for his
70th Birthday Bash with
RTF,Herbie Hancock,Elektric Band,
John McLaughlin, & 26 more!
Blue Note November 1-27
10 amazing bands, 30 genius musicians, over
4 astounding weeks

Chick takes over the Blue Note in New York City to celebrate his 70th Birthday year throughout the whole month of November — and he’s assembled what may be the most impressive lineup of jazz legends playing with one artist … ever.

It all begins with …

1. Return to Forever — Unplugged

Stanley Clarke, Frank Gambale, Lenny White and ChickStanley Clarke, Frank Gambale and Lenny White tear it up with Chick on the Return to Forever IV tour

Featuring Chick, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Frank Gambale (if you saw the RTF IV tour, don’t miss them in the 200-seat Blue Note club!).
1-2 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!2. Corea / Peacock / Blade TrioGary Peacock and Brian Blade join Chick for one night only! Peacock, the brilliant bassist in Keith Jarrett’s “standards” trio and long time friend and collaborator with Chick. Blade, also appearing with the Five Peace Band, is one of the most acclaimed drummers on the planet.
3 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


3. Five Peace Band

John McLaughlin, Kenny Garrett and ChickJohn McLaughlin hanging out with Chick in the Five Peace Band, 2009

Guitar legend John McLaughlin joins Chick in the Five Peace Band, also featuring Kenny Garrett, John Patitucci and Brian Blade. Having RTF and John McLaughlin on the bill in the same week is like seeing the Beatles & Stones of jazz/rock fusion. The band’s CD Five Peace Band Live won the 2010 Best Jazz Instrumental Album Grammy® award.
4-6 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


4. Bobby McFerrin Duet

Bobby McFerrin and ChickBobby McFerrin during the 1996 recording sessions with Chick

Week two kicks off with the storied duet of Chick and Bobby McFerrin. They have recorded two albums of far-reaching jazz and classical music. Their musical chemistry is legendary — a high-wire act without a net. Also look for some special guests to join them. (Chick will also be on tour with Bobby in 2012 — next year’s tour schedule will be announced soon)8-10 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


5. Corea & Gary Burton
with the Harlem String Quartet

Gary Burton, Chick and the Harlem String QuartetGary Burton records with the Harlem String Quartet and Chick in April

Next up is a true first for the Blue Note: Chick Corea & Gary Burton welcome the Harlem String Quartet, playing a preview of their upcoming CD Hot House (release date: February 2012). With this arrangement, Corea & Burton are pioneering a new sound: chamber jazz. (Chick will also be on tour with Gary in Europe in 2012 — next year’s tour schedule will be announced soon)
11-13 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


6. From Miles

Miles Davis, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Bartz and ChickMiles Davis backstage with Chick; and Jack DeJohnette and Gary Bartz

Miles Davis debuted many of the biggest names in jazz in his own bands. Here Chick assembles a quintet of them: Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette, Wallace Roney and Gary Bartz. Corea & DeJohnette’s history with Miles stretches back to the seminal Bitches Brew sessions.15-17 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


7. Chick’s Flamenco Heart

Concha Buika, Carles Benavent, Nino JoseleChick’s Flamenco partners: Concha Buika, Carles Benavent and Nino Josele

Passionate, fiery and soulful, the top Flamenco and Spanish jazz artists meld with Chick: Latin superstar Concha Buika, the African-Inspired Flamenco singer who sold out New York’s Town Hall; flamenco legends guitarist Nino Josele, bassist Carles Benavent and flautist Jorge Pardo (all veterans of Paco De Lucia’s band); and one of Spain’s most in-demand drummers, Jeff Ballard (who moved to the country to be immersed in his love of Spanish/Flamenco rhythms). Appropriately dubbed Chick’s Flamenco Heart, this is an extension of Chick’s landmark album My Spanish Heart and his most famous composition—”Spain.”
18-20 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


8. Marcus Roberts Piano Duet

Marcus Roberts and ChickMarcus Roberts duets with Chick in New York earlier this year

Marcus Roberts joins Chick for one night only. Roberts, a longtime partner of Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center, has mastered every style of jazz piano since the pre-bop era.
22 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!

9. Herbie Hancock Piano DuetOne night only! An unbelievable must-see show: Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, piano duet. In 1978, at the height of electric jazz, Corea & Hancock shocked the jazz world by touring as an acoustic piano duet. Since that legendary pairing, their collaborations have been extremely rare.23 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


Herbie Hancock with  Chick, and Dave WecklDave Weckl and Frank Gambale of the Elektric Band

10. The Elektric BandChick wraps up the month with the original Elektric Band: Eric Marienthal, Frank Gambale, John Patitucci and Dave Weckl. This is the lineup that defined the sound of electric jazz in the 1980s, with a series of masterpieces including Light Years and Eye of the Beholder.
25-27 Nov: Get Times & Tickets Now!


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