This Wednesday,
7 PM – 11 PM
(doors open @ 6:30 PM)
The Club Fox Blues Jam
“The best blues jam on the planet”

Check out the full schedule at

The Club Fox
2209 Broadway,
Redwood City, CA (click for map)

Frank Bey

Frank Bey, master of the art of blues, has been entertaining with his God-given talent since the tender age of 4. Frank enjoyed singing with his mother, Maggie Jordan ,who was a gospel singer, while growing up in Millen, Georgia. In a short time he had acquired the lead vocalist role in small gospel quartet called the Rising Sons. Accompanying him was his 5-year old brother and another pair of cousins, ages 5 and 6.
Frank’s continued to sing throughout the Southeast Region during his teenage years In the 1960’s. He took advantage of an opportunity to tour with the Otis Redding Review. Here he learned how to become personal with the audience and create an atmosphere of excitement. Frank later joined Archie Jenkins and the Incredible Saxtons and toured throughout the United States, Spain and Canada. He became discouraged and left the music industry in 1977 after putting together a variety of bands and suffering through a bag record deal.

Frank made a comeback in 1996 after nearly 20 years away from the industry, forming several bands and finally securing a permanent entourage.
Musicians – sign-up early tp play
Only $5 cover!

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