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The Coryell Auger Sample Trio is one of the hot new groups on the scene.  The group has been touring the U.S. and Europe extensively over the past four years.  They have two CD’s out and a new DVD about to be released.  Below is a sneak preview from their new DVD, along with three concert videos from Zoellner Auditorium at Lehigh University where they just performed in September. 

This group is made up of three veterans  of jazz, fusion and rock.  Additionally, they are each the sons of three of the most famous fathers of fusion, Larry Coryell, Brian Auger, and Joe Sample.

This group is fresh, sophisticated, yet smoking hot.  Perfect for festivals and black box theaters.
These guys are proven winners and know how to excite an audience. 
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YouTube  2011 DVD Preview
YouTube  Zoellner Auditorium at Lehigh University September, 2011 “Rice Krispe Socrates”
YouTube  Zoellner Auditorium at Lehigh University September 2011 “Can I Get a Little Something”
YouTube  Zoellner Auditorium at Lehigh University September 2011 “I Dreamed This”

Coryell Auger Sample Trio
In July of 2007 while doing a gig with Larry Coryell, Karma Auger was introduced to Julian Coryell minutes before walking onstage. Julian came on to play and the connection was made. After the show they spoke about working together and Nick Sample’s name was brought up. In early August 2007 they all got together for the first time and wrote an album in four hours.

Julian Coryell has been playing and recording music since childhood with everyone from his father (legendary jazz guitarist Larry Coryell) to Carole King, Jewel and Aimee Mann. An Alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, he’s also performed with Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock and Billy Cobham. He’s produced legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, and recently played to sold out crowds at the world famous Budokan in Tokyo with Japanese rock star Kazuyah Yoshii.  Says Julian, “Coryell, Auger, Sample Trio is my opportunity to take what my father has given me and run with it”.

Karma Auger’s musical education began close to the beginning of his life. His earliest memories are of his father, legendary jazz keyboardist Brian Auger playing electric piano at the house in London. At age 2 Karma was already threading the tape on his father’s reel to reel and plugging in headphones to listen to dad’s new masters. At age 3 he began playing piano which he still plays today but it wasn’t until age 20 that he found his true passion – drums. Since age 21 Karma has been touring and/or engineering/producing tracks for his father and a huge list of world class artists including Eric Burdon (The Animals), Robby Krieger (The Doors) and Billy Cobham to name a few. His understanding of the business rounds out his musical education which Karma owes greatly to his father. ” My father has given me a priceless education and I am lucky enough to work with him today.”

Nicklas Sample began his musical education as a young child watching his father, jazz legend Joe Sample. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nicklas has gained over 20 years experience in the music business learning all creative and business aspects of the industry first-hand. Nicklas immersed himself in the LA scene as a professional bass player, playing both electric and upright with the local talent such as Nikka Costa, Zoo Story, Daniel Cage, Jakob Dylan, Duke Daniels and Alison Sudol of “A Fine Frenzy” (whom he has also co-written songs with). He is also the bass player and member of “The Crusaders” and the “Joe Sample Trio”. Forty years of experience in the music business is an unprecedented amount of information to gain in just the few years Nicklas has been working with his father. “Joe Sample is the best teacher I could ever have.  I’m learning from the best”.

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Concert Review “Cool Cleveland” at Nighttown/Cleveland 09/18/08

Please feel free to call us to chat about further details on these great artists. 
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