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Please add the maximum of comments and like to this post as we need the support of the jazz community for be able to regroup the bass clarinet as Swiss air justdeclare the luggage definitely lost
Thx you in advance
Valérie Malot david Murray’s manager

My name is David Murray .I am a internationally respected jazz musician who plays Bass Clarinet and and tenor saxophone . Two weeks ago I travelled to Paris onAir France. Our flight was delayed by an hour as we sat on the tarmac at JFK.The flight was late by one hour so I missed my connecting flight to Belgrade.I went to Air France connections as I have a Gold card.They switched my flight to Swiss Air to Belgrade via Zurich.Swiss Air guaranteed that my suitcase would arrive with me to Belgrade.My suitecase didn’t arrive,so I made out a lost baggage report and left the airport after with Swissport ,the baggage handlers for Swiss Air . They guaranteed they would send my luggage to Nisville,Serbia where I was scheduled to play the next evening with the Lydian Orchestra at the Nisville Jazz Festival.

Inside my luggage was my Bass Clarinet,a French Le Blanc classic from the 1950’s .This horn is priceless with original Ebony wood.i have recorded more than 100 recordings many that have won numerous awards including Grammys. It is very important that I get this back back in order to resume my career.I ask on behalf of the Jazz community worldwide to help me to express my need to reclaim my precious instrument. I am the only living member of the legendary Clarinet Summit with John Carter,Alvin Batiste and Jimmy Hamilton of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.This instrument was sold to me 35 years ago by the late Hamiet BLUIETT ,of the World Saxophone Quartet which I was a founding member.
David Murray

Please add the maximum of comments and like to this post


European tour coming soon! cc Saul Williams, Nasheet Waits, Orrin Evans, Jaribu Shahid

06/02/18 l Maisons-Alfort (FR) Sons d’hiver
07/02/18 l St-Jean de Vedas (FR) Victoire 2
08/02/18 l Zürich (CH) Moods
09/02/18 l Salzburg (AU) Jazzit:Musik:Club Salzburg
10/02/18 l Vienne (AU) Porgy & Bess
11/02/18 l Antwerpen (BE) Arenberg
13/02/18 l Stockholm (SW) Fasching
14/02/18 l Oslo (NW) Nasjonal jazzscene
15/02/18 l Espoo (FI) Sellosali
16/02/18 l Bergen (NW) Bergen Live
17/02/18 l Göteborg (SW) Nefertiti Jazz Club

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