Deborah Henriksson

Deborah Henriksson

Deborah Henriksson


European songstress Deborah Henriksson embraced by International radio…

Sweden-based, American born, Deborah Henriksson is a singer – songwriter of a wide range of styles: Celtic, Folk & Adult Contemporary.  She has released four CD’s to date. Her fifth is due out this spring. Her PR team has promoted several new single ‘teasers’ from her upcoming album these past few months. All a huge success worldwide. Henriksson’s vocals have graced the stages of Sweden, Ireland, the UK, Austria & the US. Captivating audiences in intimate venues & in major festivals. Her music is receiving significant airplay around the world, including the US., Canada, France, China, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland & Australia to mention a few.

View her latest music video here: “Face Your Fears” Visit “Like” her here: Latest single available on iTunes: Celebrity Publicist & Music Promoter:


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