Dick Wagner Infos

JUNE 20th…Maestro of Rock Tour rehearsals begin, Detroit, Mich.
JUNE 29th…Mt. Clemens Stars and Stripes Festival, Mt. Clemens, Mich.
JULY 6/7…Ontario, Canada, pending
JULY 14th…Saginaw, Mich.,75th anniversary celebration, Whites Bar, afternoon concert, outdoors. First DICKHEADS meet and greet, one PM.
JULY 27th…Pontiac, Michigan, Callahans Club…Dickheads meet and greet
small venue…get tickets early
July 26 or 28….possible 2nd night @Callahans, if 27th is sold out quick
AUGUST…3 Michigan County Fairs, pending but happening
AUGUST 25…pending
AUGUST…Dates in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana PENDING, but happening
SEPTEMBER…Recording “El Guitarrista”, new album in San Antonio, Texas
SEPTEMBER, Early OCTOBER…Finish Recording “El Guitarrista”, Detroit, Mich.
and Phoenix, Arizona.
OCTOBER 28…Coldwater, Mich. Tibbit’s Opera House, VIP seats and meet and greet tickets available soon.
NOVEMBER 3rd…Monroe, Mich.
California Dates Pending…
Signed with Agent in Holland…Currently working on a European Tour for Fall
Also interest in an Australian Tour in winter… possible.
There are possible dates in New England, but too early to know for sure. Me, personally, I’d like to see the USA in my Chevrolet… but DICKHEADS gotta make some noise to promoters, help me make it happen.
GIL MARKLE is busy mastering the MUGSHOTS…and I am trying to get a bit lighter and brighter to come out like a fighter on tour this year. I am really hoping you will all come hear my band and my music first hand. I can hardly contain my joy and excitement.



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