Edition of The Pace Report

Edition of The Pace Report


The 4 Korners made their debut in Brooklyn for their official record release performance. Their new Rope-A-Dope Records release “Portal of Gold” is their second recording and have continued the fresh and original music of fusing funk, soul, and fusion jazz in the mix.

These four young men hail from the Atlanta, Georgia area and have played together for over four years to rave and critical reviews. Clarence ‘T-Lee’ Hill plays the keys, James ‘J.T.’ Thompson plays the bass, Isaac ‘Ike’ Thompson is on guitar, and Jerrod ‘J-Rod’ Sullivan is on the drums.

What makes The 4 Korners click is the music and the spirit they create when they play live. Their current CD reflects how they sound but you need to experience them live.

I had a chance to speak with the members of 4 Korners about their musical influences and how these guys continue to move what they hail, “journey music,'” to mix.

For more info on The 4 Korner’s upcoming tour dates or to order their latest CD “Portal of Gold,” please visit them online at www.the4korners.com.





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