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*Rockin´Rhythm and Blues Party:


This program could be heard during the month of May 2016, Thursday evening, Saturday morning and Monday morning, see Deejay’s schedules.


1-Marc Ferrer Trio “Shot” (Marccato Edicions)

2-Roy Brown “Let The Four Winds Blow” (Pilz)

3-The Velvet Candles “Da Doo” (El Toro Records)

4-Marcos Sendarrubias “Mambo Cut Boogie” (Carmela Records)

5-The Big-Kahunas “Dirty Girl” (Foot Tapping Records)

6-Barcelona Big Blues Band & Drew Davies “Burnt Toast & Black Coffee” (Sleazy Records)

7-The Lost Links “Let´s Get On Groove”  (Ernesto R.C)

8-Roy Thompson & the Mellow Kings “Tighten Heart” (Stag-O-Lee)

9-Michel Legrand Orchestre & Fontana “Riff & Rock” (Philips)

10-Biel Ballester Trio “Goodnight Portocolm” (Refined Records)

11-T-Bo & the B-Boppers “The Price Of Love”  (Crazy Times Records)

12-Buddy Holly and the Picks “What To Do” (Plat)

13-Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers “Crazy Wold”  (Crazy Rhythm Music)

14-Gene Taylor with CC Jerome´s Jet Setters “Motorheard Baby”  (El Toro Records)

15-París Nocturne “J´ai J´te Ma Clef Dans Un Tonneau D´Goudron”  (Swing)

16-The Megatons «The Woo »  (Rock Paradise Records)

17-The Revolutionaires “Sally Zu-Zass” (The Revolutionaires)

18-The Slammers Maximum Jive Band “Good Morning” (El Toro Records)

19-Rhythm Sophie “He´s My Baby”  (Rydell Records)

20-Orville Nash & his Crazy Ramblers “Wide Open Highway” ( Yep Yep Records)

21-The Ol´Bry “For So Long”  (Rock Paradise Records)

22-Matthieu Boré “Pistol Packing Mama”  (Punta Mila Records)

23-The Double Six “Misirlou”  (Cab Records)

24-The Satellites “Linda Jean” (Eagle Records)

25-The Milestones “Node For Tsub”  (El Toro Records)

26-Bun-Jon and the Big Jive “Jumpin´At The Jubilee”  (Flieger Records)

27-Nico and the Rhythm Dudes “Sausage Rock”  (Meet Me In The Basement)

29-Big Jay McNeely “California Hop”  (Classics)

30-Lou Cifer and the Hellions “Don´t Watch Me”  (Hells Kitchen Records)

31-Fox Hall “Do The Rock and Roll” (RCS)

32-Jackson Sloan & the Drew Davies Rhythm Combo “Baby Don´t You Babytalk Me” (Crazy Times Records)


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