Ian McArthur

Edmonton, AB, CA
Rock / Blues / Latin Rock

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Hi Everyone.

   Thank you for all you support. I awoke to a nice suprise this morning. We’ve regained the #1 position on Reverbnations Rock Chart for Edmonton, and broke into the top 300 world wide. This couldn’t happen without all of you support. Thank you!!!

   We are heading back into the studio very soon. We are finishing up the new Cd and should have a spring release. Have a great wekk and a wonderful 2013! Lets all gte a few steps closer to our dreams.

Blessings.   ian




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“This cat makes it evident that he loves what he’s doing, and his accomplished guitar style will make you fall in love with his work on only the first few bars… when he launches into his guitar part (right from the start), you’ll know what I mean. Out of the 10 lively tracks Ian opened up for me, the most successful (for these ol’ ears, anyway) was “Messin’ Round””  Dick Metcalf, Zzaj Productions

“Great songs, performances, and productions! Like the fact you keep it ‘dirty’ on the tracks. To smell the grease on the tubes, beer stain stickiness, and cigarette smoke in the air. Too much of today’s rock is so ‘clean’ and digitally perfect. It does something to a band when they forget how to ‘work the dirt’ so to speak. So keep it filthy and gritty my man! The roots are the best part. ”  Steven West, Reverbnation

“There are some polished gems here and with the nice mix of male and female vocals, different rhythm sections and refusal to be stuck in one type, many are going to find some good listening.”  Musicman, (sic) Magazine



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