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Grooving in NYC! Rock Candy Funk Party at the Iridium. Exclusive photos, Joe playing a funkin' solo and more! Watch now! Click here to watch the video nowShare This
Joe Bonamassa's Rig. Premier Guitar Rig Rundown. Exclusive Video! Watch and read nowShare This
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Keeping The Blues Alive brings you Blues News. Week of June 17th to 23rd.
Blues HighlightsThe Blues BrothersElwood and “Joliet” Jake Bluesconquered yet another media front on June 20, 1980, with the release of their big screen debut, the musical comedy (and future cult classic) The Blues Brothers. Created and brought to life by comedians and blues music lovers, Dan Aykroydand John Belushi, respectively, the titular characters originated as a popular musical skit on Saturday Night Live before branching out. With a talented team of musicians, the blues, R&B, and soul revival band, with hints of rock and jazz influence, became a musical phenomenon, complete with successful tours and a double platinum selling album. With their popularity at an all-time high, the time had come to
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The Monterey International Pop Music Festival

Years before Woodstock was the festival on the tip of the world’s tongue, 1967’s Monterey International Pop Music Festivalwas the biggest event to hit rock and roll to date. Held from June 16th to the 18th at California’s Monterey County Fairgrounds, the festival’s promoters wanted to showcase rock music as an art form, much like the genres of jazz. Over thirty bands were booked from the east and west coasts of United States, as well as acts from the United Kingdom, Africa and India. An unprecedented amount of concert goers would attend the Monterey Pop Festival over its three-day span, all to soak in the culture, sights and sounds of the various rock bands, which included blues, progressive, country, folk, and
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Still BluesA black cat crosses paths with guitarist Jack Owens and harpist Bud Spires in Bentonia, Mississippi.

A black cat crosses paths with guitarist Jack Owens and harpist Bud Spires in Bentonia, Mississippi. 
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Blues in MotionThe one and only Muddy Waters shares vocals with Mick Jagger on his Chicago blues classic 'Hoochie Coochie Man', as he is joined onstage by members of The Rolling Stones at Buddy Guy's Checkerboard Lounge on November 22, 1981

The one and onlyMuddy Watersshares vocals withMick Jagger on his Chicago blues classic “Hoochie Coochie Man”, as he is joined onstage by members of The Rolling Stones at Buddy Guy’s Checkerboard Lounge on November 22, 1981. 
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Big Joe Williams brings the Delta blues straight out of Mississippi with his lively rendition 'Baby Please Don't Go' in the 1960's.

Big Joe Williamsbrings the Delta blues straight out of Mississippi with his lively rendition “Baby Please Don’t Go” in the 1960’s. 
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It's time for Tribut's This Week in Pop Culture! This time around, we're focusing on important events in music and history during the week on June 19 through June 25. Let's do this!

It’s time for Tribut’sThis Week in Pop Culture! This time around, we’re focusing on important events in music and history during the week on June 19 through June 25. Let’s do this! 
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