As Seen In Singled Out: Noted female blues-rock guitar shredder Kelly Richey discusses “Love,” from her latest album Shakedown Soul: “I was teaching a guitar lesson and was showing one of my students an example of how to turn a blues scale into a song. I used the song “Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin as an example of how a simple, five-note blues scale, can turn into one of the greatest Rock n’ Roll songs ever recorded. From there I began to expand on the groove, and it turned into a new riff, and it stuck, so I added three power chords and started singing a vocal line. I plugged in my guitar, fired up my recording DAW, grabbed a straightforward heavy drum loop, reached for some lyrics I’d been working with, and a few minutes later, I had the foundation for the song.” Read the rest here; Catch The Spear Shakers (Richey’s female power duo with drummer Sherri McGee) this Friday 12/21 at The Flying Underground and Saturday 12/29 at The Greenwich, both in Cincinnati. #KellyRichey #FemaleBluesGuitarists #ShakedownSoul#BluesRock #TheSpearShakers #SingledOut

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