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Sometimes, things just take time.   We finally finished the video from February and the live recording of the kids.

We wish we could explain how many turns this small project took, but we would run out newsletter space.  To give you a few highlights, the idea to record with a bunch of kids was formed by a man out of Baltimore, who quickly disappeared by the time the event was set up.  (Still don’t know why?)  Then, the ABA basketball team came to recue the project – so it had new life – but then the morning of the event, the players were called away.  (What?!)  Ok, so the show must go on, and it did.  It was a blast!


What happened next was a matter of logistics.  We needed to find the right producer (who would mix our live tracks for the kids), the right video editor, and hopefully a promoter who would shed some light on the little league team—because they need money to keep the program going.  The promotion portion seemed to be harder than anyone would have thought.


Organizations that we thought would jump at the chance to help out a small town, backed away. So after a couple of months, it was time to do the right thing.


Take a look at the video. In just two days – we are almost at 30,000 views!


We think you will feel the same way we did – this town is special.  These kids are special.

Other Happenings

We will be releasing (soon) our next music video which was shot in Florida.  Matt and Anthony wore make up!  Our summer schedule is just now forming.  We have some of the shows listed below.  Keep checking back  – we will be touring throughout the US!

Feel free to write us at any time or watch our Twitter feeds daily and our Facebook pages for updates.




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Musically Hot! in the DMV Gaithersburg, MD Sat Apr 21 12 01:00 PM Tickets
Live Lixx @ 6 on Ocean 98.1FM – Ocean City, MD Wed Jul 18 12 06:00 PM Tickets
White Elephant Nantucket, MA Mon Jul 30 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Plum TV Nantucket, MA Tue Jul 31 12 08:00 AM Tickets
White Elephant Nantucket, MA Tue Jul 31 12 08:00 PM Tickets
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