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Introducing Le Balcon Éditions. This new music-publishing house is the result of an artistic partnership between Le Balcon Orchestra and BabelScores.
Le Balcon Editions
Our first publication is a transcription for chamber orchestra of Mahler’s 7th Symphony by Joël Lasry (Available soon). The second one – coming in the fall 2017 – is Initio, opéra chorégraphique by Pedro Garcia-Velasquez and Tatiana Julien. 
Le Balcon Éditions aims to publish some of Le Balcon’s productions in order to further promote them and to encourage other ensembles to play these works.
BabelScores is very proud to co-produce these highly selective musical editions.
Le Balcon will perform Joël Lasry’s arrangement at the magnificent Basilique de Saint-Denis (Paris) this 15th of June8:30 pm Paris time. 
We will live stream the concert on Le Balcon’s website in HD (lebalcon.tv), so you can see it from anywhere in the world!

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