Lynntesha Roberts, The Songstress of the South says singing God’s praises comes natural and she couldn’t be happier doing anything else than GIVING GOD the PRAISE and ministering to HIS people. Lynntesha hails from the prettiest little town of Dixie, Cheraw, SC. Currently, she resides in the Headland, Alabama with her husband, Edward Henley. Lynntesha’s music ministry is comprised of a rich mixture of diverse gospel sounds. Lynntesha has been singing since the tender age of three, her first song was “Here, Comes Peter Cottontail” which she sang at an Easter Day Program. From that moment forward, many knew she was destined to sing the high praises of God. There was something different in the anointing and spirit Lynntesha possessed.

Lynntesha was serving an active duty military tour in Atlanta, GA, when she founded the group D’Vyne Faith in 1996, while serving in the US Navy.  Although some faces have changed over the years, some old and new members of D’Vyne Faith accompany her in the surrounding states spreading the Word through an assortment of songs from old familiars such as “I Feel Good” and “Stand By Me” to songs written by Lynntesha, such as “Depending On You” and “Stay In Your Lane,” the title tracks from both her debut and sophomore projects. She is playfully known to some as “Little Dorothy Norwood.” Having shared the stage with such greats as the late Slim and the Supremes Angels, The Gospel Four, Dottie Peoples, William Murphy, and The Canton Spirituals, many compare her presence and powerhouse voice to Vickie Winans. Having several styles of influence, Lynntesha’s musical arrangements are known to sway from traditional to quartet, contemporary to jazz, inspirational to neo-soul with a twist of Caribbean flavor. But don’t fret; “TRUE” gospel is her passion.

Up and down the Eastern Seaboard, through the Midwest, Lynntesha has ministered for Women’s Conference and Gospel Explosions, which includes GNTV, Bobby Jones and Atlanta’s own WATC Atlanta Live Gospel television show. Lynntesha was named the 2003 New York City Music Festival (Manhattan, NY) Female Quartet Leader of the Year. Lynntesha’s ministry has taken her into many venue types, including the Clifton Davis Talent Showcase, Sweet Auburn Fest, and the Praise1040 Spring Fests.

Although the trials and tribulations seemed great when Lynntesha was recalled to active duty by the US Navy in late 2004, she knew this had to be a call on her life from the most high. Having just released her first solo project entitled “Depending On You”, things were going well. However, she was quickly up rooted to travel to the Middle East. While there, Lynntesha didn’t lose sight of what the Lord had always intended for her ministry, which was, and still is, Spreading the Word of God through song. Being in the Middle East was going to give her the opportunity to do that WORLDWIDE. She quickly took advantage of every opportunity she had to sing praises unto her Father on High. Having joined the base gospel choir, then a group called “Total Praise”, she was recognized as an outstanding leader and asked the lead the newly developed Praise and Worship team under the leadership of Lt. Col. Herring. This wasn’t viewed as challenge for her because she knew God was leading her into her appointed destiny.

Since returning from the Middle East, Lynntesha has focused her heart and ministry on pleasing God and not man. She is making sure to honor God and give him constant praise and glory. In August 2008, Lynntesha accepted her call into the ministry of Evangelism, teaching and preaching God’s word. She does so every time she gets a chance. With her sophomore project entitled “Stay In Your Lane. Stop Swerving,” Lynntesha has taken her music ministry to the next level. She hopes to continue to spread God’s word all over the world. With her highly anticipated third project, which will take us all back to our roots o gospel music, Lynntesha has her eye on the prize of the most high.

Lynntesha takes very opportunity to speak to women, children and men alike on the JOY that can be experienced from having an AWESOME and COMMITTED relationship with Christ.  From Women’s Conferences to Commencement addresses, she offers positive words of motivation, inspiration and encouragement through speaking to all and any that will listen to what GOD has given her to share with the WORLD! Having experience hurt and pain on many levels in her life, Lynntesha does not let that sway her from the mighty works of GOD.  The words of 2 Tim 3:12 (New Century Version) – “Everyone who wants to live as God desires, in Christ Jesus, will be hurt “, this scripture sums up the way Lynntesha lives and understands her work for CHRIST as she executes through her many unique GIFTS and TALENTS as she labors for the KINGDOM!

There is no stopping this Powerhouse Singer and Highly Motivational Evangelist! Yes, this anointed woman of the God is a must SEE, and definitely one from which you will HEAR much more!


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