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Singer – Songwriter Marion Walsh is a true inspiration for independent talent……

After a dozen years in western Canada, recording artist Marion Walsh has returned to her roots on the east coast of the US. Now living  in Maine,  Marion is finding new inspiration in  familiar landscapes and people. Her biggest insight after years of moving around is that  no matter where she goes, people are generally good and kind. As she says in the title track of her first album:

“everywhere I wander, everywhere I roam people are the same from home to home.”

As a young child, Marion recalls listening to a Capella music, which enticed her senses through her father, who was a music director for several groups in her hometown of Owings Mills, Maryland. So, from the time she was five years old & until she left for college, Marion found these four-part harmonies as compelling as sledding, raking leaves, and catching fireflies. “My head can be a very noisy place!” says Marion, who has three full-length original CD’s to her name. “Home to Home,” released in 2005, “Early,” released in 2009, and “Ricochet,” released in early 2016 and already receiving praise from listeners, DJs, and music promoters.

After years of promoting back-to-back single releases to International radio, Marion has left her mark within the global markets. A legacy she can be proud of. “This talented lady knows what she wants and goes after it with a vengeance. Not only is she a brilliant vocalist and songwriter, but she is a strategic planner as well, with the personality to match.” says world renowned publicist Danie Cortese, known for having worked with Emmy & Grammy winners. 
An intuitive and spontaneous composer, Marion feels that her inspiration isn’t complicated. Instead of trying to write songs, she prefers simply to pay attention; to stay open and allow the songs to take shape on their own. Her best works have taken the least amount of time and effort to compose. Her fan base will agree, she definitely knows how to write for the listener.

So what is Marion up to now? She is  continuing her publicity efforts as she networks & records with prominent musicians & producers. A couple of her songs are being considered for TV/movie placement.

A loyal wife, loving mother, survivor of the Alberta flood disaster, nothing stops the drive and dedication of Marion Walsh. She is an inspiration to all.

Stay tuned for more.

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