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Modis Chrisha

The PASSION Project….
Hello my dear Friends and Fans,how are you?
As promised to you, some more insights about me and work…

My music is based on simple and in some cases repeating song and sound structures which are in a constant dialog with each other. Working with digital or recorded orchestral and electronic sounds, with native instruments and self made music samples my music is a pure individual expression of my own style of composing and producing music.

Influenced from the early days of electronic music up to now, I like to combine elements from different genres and different decades to form an individual unique, hopefully timeless sound which is embeded in simple melodies.
I like to tell a story and take my listeners on a journey.
To get all the diffirent music styles in a project, I created the “Passion Project”. A series of 12 Albums with different single Stories.  Each Album transports a “message” and is based on the typical Sound mix between orchestral and electronic sounds.
Storm Original:
Storm is the first Album of the PASSION series and desribes the story of a Storm. Various electronic sounds together with orchestral elements, simple arranged songs and melodies. Each song of the album has its own meaning and fits in the story Storm.
The next Album of the PASSION project is already in production.


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