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Modis Chrisha

Time for some insights….
Hello my dear Friends and Fans, 

from time to time I like to send out some different e-mails to you. I like to tell you a bit more about me, how I think, feel and of course how I compose and produce my music. I received many mails, people were asking me about my combination of composing music and the work as a DJ. I will get to this point in my next e-mails.


I will always keep my Newsletters short, don´t be afraid of receiving never ending messages-….lol


Wish you all the best

Modis Chrisha


“Sounds and frequencies can reach every cell of our body, thats why we can become One element with music and sounds which are surrounding us” …so make sure you do not always listen to music only via Headphones, let the sounds touch your complete body, it´s a huge difference!


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Storm Ocean
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“Great Sound, Great Production, Great Musicianship! The uniques sounds of Modis Chrisha keep you coming back for more.”  — Smithville South, Smithville South“Loving the sounds and creativity Modis.. You definitely have your own style”  — Jonathan Tambe , Jonathan Tambe

“Fantastic original music, I love the tracks, beautiful sounds! Keep up the amazing work, very creative! ”  — Robert Steven Hunt , Robert Steven Hunt

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