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Social Digest for the week of March 19, 2012
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Hi Everyone! We had a literal BURST of Spring weather here that almost verged

on summer hot temps. Is Spring Springing where you live, or perhaps you are on
the other side of the world & headed to winter? A couple of things: 1.)
Votes for my “Sounds Like” poll have turned up interesting results. I
still need 38 more votes to pick my final “Top 5”. If you have no clue
about what I’m referring to, head to http://www.natalie-brown…. read &
vote. 2.) Let’s talk about Courage. Follow your deepest and highest
dreams. Dare to jump out of the box of conventional thought. Defeat your deepest
fears. Never say never to even the most impossible ideal. Read more here
>> http://breakyourshackles…. Share ur thoughts >… or… Have an amazing…

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Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
Time to eat supper! Yes, I know it’s 10:55EDT!
via Facebook on 03.23.12
Q: How often do u come to the
states and have you or will
you be coming to Philly in the
near future
A: I haven’t come back to the
states since I moved from DC
to Toronto in 2009. I would
love to come back to do a s…
via Fan Questions on 03.20.12
Q: Do you have an album.. or are
you just on YOUTUBE?
A: Hi! I have released 4 albums.
You can check them out here
http://www.natalie-brown…. You
can also read my biography…
via Fan Questions on 03.14.12
Q: como agrego la musica al video
A: I am sorry, I don’t know what
you asked.
via Fan Questions on 03.11.12
I make #great #music. #Listen
to it sometime >>
#Like it? #Share it. Share
buttonz on the page. xo
via Twitter on 03.23.12
Ooooh today is gonna be an
awesome day. I can feel it in
my eyelashes!
16 likes | 5 comments
via Facebook on 03.22.12
SO excited today to learn
that I will be submitted for
consideration for the Bell
Media Emerging Artist Program
for next month. Thanks to…
19 likes | 2 comments
via Facebook on 03.09.12
If you have just started to
follow me, make sure you say
1 retweet
via Twitter on 03.25.12
Don’t wait for people to smile. Show them how.
via Facebook on 03.15.12
via Facebook on 01.12.12
Social Digest V3 300x250 #1
Social Digest V3 300x250 #1
via Facebook on 01.12.12
So whaddaya think of my new
cover pic? Are we down with
calling this a
“Treehouse”? I
thought it was a fun thing…
11 likes | 10 comments
via Facebook on 03.12.12
Someone just compared my
sound on
#TheRelationshipOdyssey to
@BrandNewHeavies that…
1 retweet
via Twitter on 03.22.12
After my meeting this
afternoon, I spent some time
walking downtown in this
blessed sunshine we’ve
been having. There is noth…
12 likes | 3 comments
via Facebook on 03.20.12
Have the most awesome day
ever and don’t forget to
Take TOFU. What’s TOFU?
Ask me!
via Twitter on 03.25.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
via Facebook on 03.11.12
Thanks to all the new people
who have joined me in the
Treehouse this week. I hope
you all have an amazing
weekend. Here’s some…
via Facebook on 03.17.12
Thanks to Mick’s Picks
on Q107 (107.3)fm for playing
my music on the station
today. 🙂
via Facebook on 03.14.12
gonna press charges towards
Kim K. for crimes of being a
pain in my ass. <<
via Twitter on 03.25.12
I hope the Library strike is
ovr soon. ive bn reading all
my issues of @ElleCanada ovr
again. It makes my brain
think 2 much b4 bd. LOL
via Twitter on 03.25.12
theasashanation: #Chinatown fountain in #Toronto (Taken with instagram)

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