“Hey Ma, we grabbed Old Man Winter, drug him out behind the outhouse, and shot him dead.”
To celebrate what we hope is the beginning of spring and a lot of getting our hands dirty outside, may we present some of the Best Roots, Outdoors, and Americana Production Music you are likely to encounter regardless of Climate.

Banjos, Gitars, Mouth Harps, Musical Spoons, Gators, Rednecks, Shotgun Shacks, A little Armadillo Gumbo if you’re lucky. All kinds of raw and natural playing to underscore your Hunting, Fishing and Moonshining adventures.

Natural, Organic and Gritty Americana, Roots Music, and Folk. This is the real Front Porch kind of thing that makes Ken Burns do the Happy Dance. Now pick up your banjo Johnny Reb and get back to the regiment.

More Natural and Gritty Americana, Roots Music and Folk. We ain’t called the Organic Music Library for nothing. When it comes to real players and natural sounding music, we got you covered.

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