New and Exotic Playlists from the OML

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Step right up to the Big Time Mac
and enjoy the show! Player Pianos, Banjos, Tubas, Whistles, and some Fine Fiddling. Mr. Ziegfield is
watching you and that Stage Door Johnny so behave yourself Charlie or it’s back to Peoria!



Muskrat Stew

Banjos, Gitars, Mouth Harps, Musical Spoons, Gators, Rednecks, Shotgun Shacks, A little Armadillo Gumbo if you’re lucky. All kinds of raw and natural playing to Underscore your Hunting, Fishing and Moonshining adventures.
The Mysteries of The Far East beckon; Exotic Temples, Shao Lin Monks doing Tai-Chi, Dragons, Pagodas, Gorgeous Women in Kimonos,
Unidentifiable Forms of Sashimi, Kung Pao Chicken etc., just don’t make us look at those naked guys playing the giant drums.

Dreaming of Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas dancing in your living room? You may want to

consider Psychological Intervention, but while you’re waiting for that appointment, take a listen to our
SPECTACULAR collection of Hot-Blooded Spanish Tracks.

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The Organic Music Library makes your production music searching effortless and fun. In conjunction with offering only premium quality cues, we give you six entirely different ways to search & access our music. Try these different methods, all of which are explained in the above video, and find out which one best suits you!
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