What have you been missing from
The Organic Music Library?

Come and check out our ultra high-quality stock music and put some new life in your video and film productions.
The OML is your perfect resource for Broadcast, Film and Corporate Communications Purposes.


We offer absolutely unbeatable blanket deals for unlimited access 24/7/365

Short on time? Take 91 seconds to preview selected Cinematic Fantasy excerpts and get an idea of how great the OML really is.  Thanks for listening.

The Other Side of Summertime Production Music!

What music do you use for your summer footage?
Most likely Tropical, Reggae, Surf etc. and though we definitely have a fine selection of those genres, what might you be missing for those scenes away from the shore, like Bar-B-Q’s, fish-frys, block parties, or the apres beach chill-out evenings in the vacation house? The following playlists can significantly improve your video footage in more ways than a re-hashed Brian Wilson track. Check these out. You can almost taste the crawfish and the smoked ribs with some of these tracks.

 The Other Side of Summertime Music
Banjos, Gitars, Mouth Harps, Musical Spoons, Gators, Rednecks, Shotgun Shacks, A little Armadillo Gumbo if you’re lucky. All kinds of raw and natural playing to Underscore your Hunting, Fishing and Moonshining adventures.

Dreaming of Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas dancing in your living room? You may want to consider Psychological Intervention, but while you’re waiting for that appointment, take a listen to our SPECTACULAR collection of Hot-Blooded Spanish Tracks.

Natural,organic and gritty Americana, Roots Music and Folk. Smell the brisket a-smokin!
MORE Natural,organic and gritty Americana, Roots Music and Folk. Smell the ribs a-smokin!
Cool, Dreamy, smooth, sexy. Lay back on the couch and groove. Think Margaritas on a summer evening while gloating about new tan lines.
And then there’s the obvious stuff…

Check your Tan Lines and watch out for Sharks. Here’s a brilliant assortment of Surf Cuts to Amp up your Summer Spots. And may we say, you look fabulous in that Bikini.

Chill out and hang with this phenomenal mixture of Sizzling Tropical Hipness. A Musical Island of Reggae, Bossa, Lounge, Salsa, Brazilian & Caribbean grooves. You found the lost shaker of salt.



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