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Pastor John SuggsJohn Suggs is the Sr. Pastor of Carpenter House Ministries, John has been sent by God for this in time rebuilding of the Body of Christ and the harvesting of souls back into the Kingdom of God.

At the age of fifteen, John found himself entangled in the street gangs of Chicago which caused him to understand authority, leadership and protocol.

Though his past helped to shape and mold him for his present call, his personal experience and the trying of his faith has caused him to have a deeper relationship of the “Man” Christ Jesus. the anointed one .

Being once bound by the forces of darkness gave him greater depth in recognizing principalities,spiritual wickedness and rulers in high places.

Now with many years of dedication and submission to local Pastors, God has given Pastor Suggs insight into the foundational structure in the way we think about the Kingdom.

Pastor Suggs appreciates God’s power of deliverance and is moved with compassion to reach out to wounded believers in bondage and tormented ,and for those who need to experience God’s unconditional love. During those years of training God allowed him to receive wisdom from on high to teach and expound on practical truths from the Word of God, administering strong faith teaching and the prophetic words to God’s people.

John is the husband of Dee Suggs who is the mother of his six children’s. John and Dee have labored in the rebuilding lives by the Word of Faith for many years.
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