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BOLD; CONFIDENT; AUTHENTIC; SCENE STEALING; VIVACIOUS; BEAUTIFUL ON-SCREEN PRESENCE; RARE TALENT…….humbling adjectives used to describe my God given gifts as an ALL AROUND; WELL ROUNDED PERFORMER. I DONT take this lightly, as I am constantly working to improve my artistic abilities with each and every project–no matter how BIG OR SMALL! As there are no small roles–only actors who may THINK small. Every opportunity is one that I intend to LEARN from and incorporate that into my performances. My background encompasses theater; live, vocal performances, recording, and songwriting; episodic series; film; TV commercials; voice overs; fashion/commercial print work; and runway modeling. At the present time, I do have agency representation, but I am ACTIVELY seeking a MANAGER who can work with all of my creative talents to find the RIGHT bookings/castings that will showcase my capabilities as an artist. I am particularly interested in tv series/feature films, taking place in the Atlanta area–as there are MANY. Also, it is my goal to develop and release a full cd, as I have been putting my energies toward songwriting, and recording–I am very much open to collaborations with the RIGHT musicians, and am open to interested producers. 2016 is MY year, and I’m ready to show the masses what God has PURPOSED me to do! ***PLEASE REVIEW DIANARAMUSIC.COM, along with PATTIECRAWFORD.COM***


Golden Dianara

Self (Performing Artist)

– Aujourd’hui (6 ans)

Acting/modeling instructor

Alix Adams Agency

(3 ans 6 mois)













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