PETER BERNSTEIN infos nouveau cd



There once was a jazz organ trio
Who never once travelled to Rio
But Ireland they played
For this was their trade
Performing their jazz for a fee-o.
It’s great to start our UK/European tour be in Limerick, Ireland with Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart!

This week from Smoke Screens Livestream Series: The

Peter Bernstein

Quartet featuring

Sullivan Fortner

(piano), Peter Washington (bass) and

Joe Farnsworth

(drums) celebrates the release of their new album “What Comes Next!”

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In June of 2020

Peter Bernstein


Sullivan Fortner

, Peter Washington and

Joe Farnsworth

entered Sear Sound studios in Manhattan with social distancing observed and recorded a new album consisting of both new/older original material, a popular standard, a jazz standard, and a ringer from the pen of a musical icon. The results confirm that distressing times can elicit inspiration of a rare kind.

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