RICK TURNER nous a quittés RIP



Sadly, we lost a Bay Area legend over the Easter weekend. Luthier, inventor, innovator, player, and overall happy guy Rick Turner. He built the stunning Turner Model 1 for Lindsey Buckingham, as well as other guitars for icons such as Andy Summers Music and David Crosby. He was an early and a critical member of the early Alembic team, R&D president at Gibson for a time, formed @D-TAR with Seymour Duncan, and was a columnist—and also advisor and supporter—at Guitar Player Magazine. His workshop was a few miles away from the GP offices, so Rick would occasionally pop in to talk gear with Senior Editor Art Thompson and just hang out. That was always a good time. He carried around soooo many ideas and was so happy to be making guitars, discussing guitars, and telling stories about famous and not-so-famous guitarists. He loved music and musicians, that’s for sure, and his innovators have left a massive imprint on how musicians make music. Rick’s absence is definitely leaving a void…

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