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River of Rock begins its flow, October 31, 2014.

Introducing the River of Rock

The ultimate network for music lovers and artists

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the launching of the music network, River of Rock. You are receiving this newsletter because we have done some music-related business in the past, either through one of these related websites or perhaps live or charitable events. Today’s newsletter will be the first of a once-monthly series on the last day of each month (yes, even on Halloween and New Year’s Eve). The purpose here is not to sell you anything but to merely make you aware of the plethora of features and interesting content on this network and to spread the word to increase readership on our websites.

What is the River of Rock?

The River of Rock currently consists of three well established, rock music-oriented websites, with a fourth on the way. These sites are owned by 33 Dimensions LLC and operated by editor-in-chief Ric Albano (that’s me). At the bottom of this newsletter is a brief description of the three core websites (Modern Rock Review, Classic Rock Review, and Keystone Rock Review), which will each be featured separately in upcoming newsletters.

New and Affiliated Sites     

A fourth member of the River of Rock, called Roots Rock Review, will be launched in early 2015. This will explore jazz, folk, blues, Americana, and rock n’ roll prior to 1965. We are also currently developing a website for the River of Rock itself, which will explore the “other side” of music, such as creation, production, lessons, gear, and concert experiences.

River of Rock also currently has two affiliated entertainment sites, Big Blue Bullfrog and Kids Theatre News, which offer exclusive features in conjunction with River of Rock. Classic Movie Review made its debut on Big Blue Bullfrog this past week with a look at the film Goodfellas, while Kids Theatre News started a new feature called “Theatre Chat”.

Tear Down the Wall!

River of Rock will also publish features across multiple websites when the opportunity arises. On November 9th, which is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we will do a triple review related to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, on three websites. Classic Rock Review will review the original 1979 double album, while Big Blue Bullfrog will do a Classic Movie Review of the 1982 film starring Bob Geldof and Kids Theatre News will feature a review of the 1990 Roger Waters concert and DVD, The Wall Live in Berlin, which took place near the actual site of the Berlin wall just months after it was torn down. 

Congratulations, November’s Here Again  

Not unrelated to that fateful event a quarter century ago is the proliferation of great rock music throughout Europe and Asia, which we cover extensively and serve an expanding international audience. Yesterday, Modern Rock Review did a profile on the Russian band Mumiy Troll. This band actually started during the Soviet Union and had to play their music pretty much in secret, but went on to become the most renowned rock group in Russia. Now they’re poised to make a breakthrough in the west as the band will release their second English-language album called Malibu Alibi in early 2015.

Tell Us What You Think

We hope you enjoy our music network, but would like to hear from you even if you dislike or disagree with something. In fact, we LOVE to argue about music, so much so that we’ll soon be launching a feature on Classic Rock Reviewcalled “What Did We Miss?” that gives our audience a chance to lobby for some of the albums we didn’t review the first time around.

Please send your feedback to ric@modernrockreview.com

See you on November 30th!

Modern Rock Review was founded in 2010 and offers in-depth artist profiles and album reviews of modern-day artists. The site also features several regular monthly features including Choice 5, Modern Classics, and Rockin’ Around the World, which examines rock festivals everywhere.ModernRockReview.com

Classic Rock Review is on a 5 year mission to systematically goes through the classic rock years, spanning the period 1965-1995, and do in-depth album reviews of important albums from this era. Starting in November, the site will focus on albums from the year 1979.


Keystone Rock Review was launched in May 2012 as a successor to DAMES of PA, carrying on the mission to cover Pennsylvania-based rock acts. The site looks at artists from the present and past for a more complete picture of the great musical culture of the Keystone state.KeyRockReview.com
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You are receiving this email because we’ve had some music-related correspondence in the past. This may have been through one of the “Rock Review” websites, other online channels, live events, promotions, or fundraisers. We respect your privacy and will not sell or give your information to any third party entities.Our mailing address is:

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