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Hello good people and Blues-lovers. I will be in Paris for an exceptional date with my blues trio. May 28th at Le Barbizon. I know it’s a holiday weekend so if you are around come on down and get a big, generously served plate of our all original Blues… And there’s enough for second helpings !! Make sure to reserve your tickets on line and if not just stop by and check us out. See you there!



Shanna Waterstown Blues Band is extremely excited to present our next upcoming tour. On a mission to spread the blues. We’re bringing pure authentic, delicious, homemade Blues to a city near you. Cooking with Jay Gogan on guitar. Gianpaolo Feola on drums and Walter Cerasani on bass. Come get a taste of our good hot original compositions and standards. ITALY IN OCTOBER TOUR
03 S.PATRICK – Barletta (BA,)
04 PECORA NERA – Cassano d.M (BA)
05 CHIESA – Statte (TA)
06 TERZO TEMPO – Nazzaro Calvi (BN)
08 GROOVE – Pozzuoli (NA)
10 LOFT 128 – Pescara (PE)
11 BREAKLIVE – Ascoli P. (AP)
13 OASI BEACH – M.di Ravenna (RA)
15 NIDABA T. – Milano (MI)
16 DUKE’S – Lausanne (CH)

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Ready for our Northern Blues Tour… Come and heat it up with us. We’ll be spreading the fever all over the cool north. But just to make sure we do it right I got Jay Gogan on the guitar. Gianpaolo Feola on the drums and Walter Cerasani on bass… All Blues all night!!! HOT… May 7 Engelen Blues Night,Stockholm Sweden May 9 Gydnia Blues Club, Gydnia Poland May 10 Gydnia Blues Club, Gydnia Poland May 11 Mojo Blues Club, Copenhagen Denmark May 12 Blue Lizard Boitzenburgerland Germany

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Shanna Waterstown Tour !

– 18 mai Hall Blues, Pelussin.
– 19 mai, Concert privé.
– 20 mai, Le Chat Musique, la Charité sur Loire.
– 21 mai concert avant première dans le cadre du Gartempe Blues Festival 13,14,15 août 2016.
– 23 mai Heitersheim Project III (Allemagne)
– 24 mai Emmendingen Mehlsack (Allemagne)
– 25 mai Kanderen Chabah (Allemagne)
– 27 mai, Melrose Café, Agde.
– 28 mai Domaine Tourbillon, Lagnes 84800.

























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