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Our music video went viral

Who would of thought if I did a video in my undergarments that it would go viral?  Go figure.  But, yes, it did just that.  In 48 hours, we went to over 200,000 views, and appeared at #8 on the most watched video list this weekend.  Crazy crazy.



These past few days have been a whirlwind – starting with Playboy radio (you can hear clips of it on our Facebook page) or see pictures on our website.   The girls and the producer were amazing to work with.  After LA, I headed to Atlantic City for a movie premier opening of the Meat Puppet, which won all kinds of awards.  I met some of the cast, which included none other than Jan Brady – remember from the Brady Bunch (real name is Geri)—and Billy Sample (former Ranger!)



This week is filled with rehearsals and another live radio broadcast at WXJM.  And then, the official tour begins in Washington, DC at Blues Alley.  Even though the rehearsals are long, I must say, the sound is incredible.  This tour will be…unforgettable.



Upcoming Shows/Events:
Date: Location: Venue: Ticket Price:
Oct 18, 2012 Harrisonburg, VA Spin Me Ever… (map) Free Details >>
Oct 25, 2012 Washington, DC Blues Alley (map) $ 20.00 USD (buy) Details >>
Nov 05, 2012 Gustavia, St. Barths Baz Bar (map) Free Details >>
Nov 06, 2012 Gustavia, St. Barths Baz Bar (map) Free Details >>
Nov 07, 2012 Gustavia, St. Barths Baz Bar (map) Free Details >>
Full show/event calendar >>

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