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Teatime Wonder Game TODAY at Tea House Theatre! banner

Teatime Wonder Game TODAY at Tea House Theatre!

Dear All,We are very excited about tomorrow’s Tea Party. It will be a very special one celebrating freedom, independence and liberated minds!

As a unique treat for all of you we have a special guest Valeska performing burlesque with a twist.

Valeska Faye

Valeska Faye. 368 likes · 14 talking about this. Bristol based burlesque performer and showgirl Visit my website:

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Can’t wait to see your faces!
Just to remind you – tickets are still available on the Tea House Theatre website but for the risk lovers there will be some tickets available at the door as well.This time only 50 tickets available!

The Tea House Theatre Click to Buy Tickets ‘A table sits alone surrounded by empty chairs. The table is dressed for the occasion, lacy white tablecloths, delicate teacups, proud teapots and flickering candlelight. But the tablecloths are stained, cold dregs of tea float in the teacups and the flowers are withered and dried.

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Have fun and do not watch too much football!See you tomorrow!

Teatime Wonder Game – Independence Day SPECIAL | Facebook

Teatime Wonder Game – Independence Day SPECIAL | Facebook

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Hugs and sugar lumps,


The Teatime Creatures

Teatime Wonder Game

Uploaded by Kasia Kaszowska on 2014-07-04.

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