Concert le 6 Juillet 2018

Photo Jean Paul ” Guerrier ” Bellanger Bel7infos

notre rencontre cet après midi humble avec un énorme talent .




















London / Paris Project

de trois cités records proudly present a new project coming from acclaimed jazz pianist Takeshi Asai.

Takeshi will team up with super-talented singer, songwriter Monika Lidke of London this summer.

The first tour is scheduled in June in London and Paris in July. They still have some open dates, so any proposal of collaborations is welcomed.

In this project, Takeshi’s popular songs, i.e. “Hier,” “Very Little Waltz,” and “Moonlit Night” will be vocalized by Monika, with her excellent French and English lyrics, on top of Monika’s own songs, and jazz standards and more.

The program should be extremely creative, eclectic and versatile, but the main focus is the warm-hearted music coming from the two talented musicians of London and New York!

Let’s follow up on this London / Paris Project. Soon, you will hear them in New York and Tokyo.


de trois cités records

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