The M.A.D.Gallery nine visionary images of ‘flying’ cars photographer Renaud Marion.

Renaud Marion




In this retro-futuristic series, the 39-year-old artist depicts his childhood dreams of futuristic transportation: wheel-less cars serenely suspended above the ground.
But he has included a neat twist: While the vehicles’ levitation most definitely smacks of sci-fi, the cars are in fact icons from the glory days of automobile production, including Jaguars, Aston Martins and Porsches.
The result is quite surreal and should not fail to surprise you.

Nine images are available in a limited edition of eight 128cm x 90cm prints; three of those nine images are also available in a limited edition of three 210cm x 140cm prints.

I invite you to discover all the details of this new exhibition on our website.
The press release and high-resolution images are available for download in our press section.


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