*UPDATE!!! – Nov. 30** – Thanks to all who have generously contributed so far, I’ve already reached almost 10% of my goal within one week! Thanks for helping making this happen, can’t wait to share the finished project with you! Please share with your friends and let’s keep the momentum going. Visit my YouTube channel  for NEW promotional and performance videos! 

-Thanks, JF

Help me bring to life this album of 15 exciting, original jazz, blues and rock instrumental takes on Christmas Classics featuring world-class musicians!

Click here to listen to the IN2 The Spirit complilation of 15 Christmas Songs!

With your support: I may be able to make this years 2012 Christmas realease date on iTunes. Regardless, I will stream rough mixes of this album the week leading up to Christmas until New Years Day.

I’m John Findlay, and I’ve been working in the music business for over 25 years as a Guitarist, Pianist, Singer, Composer and Producer. Your support will help me bring to life a project that I’ve been working hard on for over four years. My aim is to breathe new life into the Christmas genre, with compelling, creative arrangements and powerful performances.

How it all began….

The “IN2 the Spirit” album project started out ‘just for fun’ one Christmas when I recorded an arrangement of Little Drummer Boy so I could teach it to my 7 year old son on drums and piano. After a few years, I had finished quite a few ‘for fun’ demos and friends & colleagues started requesting that I turn it into a serious Christmas album project….and….

now I’ve now completed 90% of the project and have already recorded some of the world’s finest talent including Bill Payne from Little Feat, Will Lee from the David Letterman Show and Keith Carlock drummer for Sting, James Taylor and Steely Dan (full credits here.)


Bill Payne      

Pictured above: Bill Payne of Little Feat, John Findlay, Will Lee, Keith Carlock, and Chris Taylor at Dubway Studios, New York.

How you can help….

I’m looking for funding to finish tracking and mix and master this CD and do justice to the arrangements and incredible line-up of talent I’ve assembled.

The mix & mastering engineer is award-winning Jeff Wolpert of Desert Fish Studios, Toronto, Canada.

Please take your time to browse the links above, as well as the media page for “IN2 The Spirit” here at Indiegogo for videos, pictures and sound clips!

Thank-you! I appreciate your support!

John Findlay

For more details on the music & the merry cast of musicians please click here:



contact John Findlay:


John Findlay Music/TV-Doc Scores




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