US police issue arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson


Gilford, New Hampshire Police Department have an active arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson for two counts of misdemeanor simple assault

Police in New Hampshire have issued an arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson relating to a 2019 incident where the singer is alleged to have spat on a female videographer during a gig at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion.

Manson is facing two counts of misdemeanor simple assault stemming from the incident, which allegedly took place during his performance on the Hell Never Dies tour on August 19, 2019.

Yesterday (May 25) the Gilford Police Department issued a statement reading:

“Mr. Warner, his Agent and legal counsel have been aware of the warrant for some time and no effort has been made by him to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges. Mr. Warner had been performing a concert at the Bank of NH Pavilion on August 18, 2019, when the alleged simple assaults occurred.”

“The videographer had been subcontracted by a NH based company to video the concert, and had been located in the stage pit area when the alleged assaults occurred.”

“The alleged assaults are not sexual in nature as has been asked by several other media outlets due to a number of other allegations made against Mr. Warner.”

If convicted on the charges, Manson could face a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $2,000.

Three individuals in attendance at the gig, a co-headlining date with Rob Zombie, have told People that they saw Manson spit and ‘shoot his snot’ at the camerawoman during his show.

“He was spitting everywhere and one time it got on her camera so she wiped it off and looked semi-irritated. He noticed this and kept purposely spitting on her camera,” one attendee claims. “I think her final straw is he got on the floor, got within 2-3 feet of her and hacked a giant snot rocket at her not the camera. She was pissed off and disgusted so she stormed off and he just laughed.”

“I stopped listening to his music after that and told my husband I would never go to another one of his concerts again,” the witness added.

A second attendee backed up this statement, saying that Manson “bent down to shoot his snot all over this woman. I can remember him just laughing about what he did.”

“I was right there when it happened, she was beyond furious when he did that to her,” said a security guard at the venue. “He spit on her a couple of times and then leaned real close to the camera and blew a huge snot rocket on her. After he did that, she almost threw her camera right down on the ground.”


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