January 17, 2013

Greetings Jean Paul Bellanger,

A New Year calls for some house cleaning and some shakin’ up!

First, bear witness to the new & improved 100% mobile device friendly version 2.0 of my Dispatch Fan Newsletter. Go ahead and check this week’s email on your iPhone / Android / God-device and see what I mean. Cool..

Next I’d like to share a FREE 5 Song EP that I culled together from popular tunes from my first record and some other rarities – it’s called “DWTD” (that’s short for Dancing With The Dead, these tunes were born around when that album came out..)

Curious about the tracklisting on this new but not “new” EP, here ya go:

  1. Senorita Ballerina
  2. Beautiful Losers
  3. Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
  4. Heart Of Gold ’09
  5. Cherry (demo with Velvet Revolver)

Here is the link to download your copy:

Will Black – DWTD EP

*NOTE: This DWTD EP has nothing to do with the all-new 2nd album I am currently working on. “Dangerously Close” debuts worldwide in May.. but you can get it in early April by going here -> PledgeMusic.com

I put this EP download together primarily as a special gift for new subscribers, but I know many of you may have missed some of these tracks along the way – so please enjoy!

I’m also properly debuting Music Video Weekly in this issue – 2 new video performances every week released exclusive to my awesome newsletter subscribers first… a whole week before the rest of the world even gets a peek. I love you guys!!

Scroll down to the next section to watch “Lucky Man” by The Verve and “Fisherman’s Blues” by The Waterboys.

Things are progressing quickly towards my studio dates at Metalworks in Toronto next month – got some amazing players lined up to appear with me on this next album, so get excited 🙂

The pledge campaign is still running strong, so please consider getting on board and making a pledge to help fund this expensive process. I’ve put together some killer rewards for all my fans who support me. 10% of all pledges are going towards the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation too.

Thanks for reading and rock on,

The Waterboys – Fisherman’s BluesClick HERE to watch.Thanks to Mike “Jersey” Fullen for turning me on to this great tune. A proper right band outta Scotland, mate!
The Verve – Lucky ManClick HERE to watch.Not sure where I picked up this song, but I remember hearing it in a movie some time ago and really liked the way it fit the scene… Richard Ashcroft rocks – “Urban Hymns” is a fantastic album.
WillBlack.com/pledgemusicHey folks – thanks to your support my album project for “Dangerously Close” successfully reached 100% funding on Dec. 29 and is now scheduled for final recording dates at Metalworks Studios in February!The campaign still continues and you will be able to make pledge donations all the way up to the PledgeMusic digital download release on April 9. This release date will be for “pledgers only” weeks before the rest of the world gets their turn, so please continue to fund the project and get your exclusive pledge rewards.Pledge donations made going forward will support MORE studio tracks to be added to the album. “Dangerously Close” is confirmed 7 tracks in length, but I’ve got a select few wicked rock n’ roll songs still waiting to be recorded as funding allows.

PLUS, 10% of every pledge now contributes to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. This is a New Jersey / Philadelphia based charity that is on the front lines of re-building homes and communities still recovering from Hurricane Sandy this past November. A great cause and well run organization that I am proud to support.

Let’s get to 200%, get more songs on the album and launch this rock n’ roll rocket even further into the heavens while helping families in need along the way!

Thank you and rock on. WB


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