– New Album Now Recording at Metalworks Studios Toronto
– MUSIC VIDEO WEEKLY “Rosie” & “I Won’t Back down “
February 14, 2013

Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Singles Appreciation Day for those of you not attached). My Valentine rock n’ roll band for today is Heart and my rock n’ roll song is “Blue Valentines” by Tom Waits.

The recording for my next album, “Dangerously Close” started on Monday at Metalworks Studios in Toronto with Mark Kelso on drums and Russ Boswell on bass (see pic above shot from the vocal booth). Tuesday was a trip to Pelham, Ontario and keyboard maestro Mark Lalama at his home studio.

So far everything has been going beautifully and this weekend I welcome Chris Steberl from Colombus, Ohio to Toronto to shred some serious six-string action on his “Cookie Monster” guitar.

And then for a break, me and some buddies who flew in from Bermuda are going to see Bon Jovi on Monday night. Got the Diamond Package for 6 row seats and pre-show party with open bar… first time doing one of these fan packages so it should be interesting.

This week’s MUSIC VIDEO WEEKLY performances are for “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty and “Rosie” by Jackson Browne.

Have a lovely romantic day and be thankful for the ones you love.

Rock on,

Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
Click HERE to watch.From one of the greatest “live” road records ever – “Running On Empty”. This tune has a fantastic lyric, groupie song deluxe.. Jackson Browne is one of the greatest songwriters ever and his understated singing style is all his own.
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul SimonClick HERE to watch.

Great Tom Petty song and the first single off his best (in my opinion) album “Full Moon Fever” (1989).
WillBlack.com/pledgemusicHey folks – thanks to your support my album project for “Dangerously Close” successfully reached 100% funding on Dec. 29 and is now scheduled for final recording dates at Metalworks Studios in February!The campaign still continues and you will be able to make pledge donations all the way up to the PledgeMusic digital download release on April 9. This release date will be for “pledgers only” weeks before the rest of the world gets their turn, so please continue to fund the project and get your exclusive pledge rewards.Pledge donations made going forward will support MORE studio tracks to be added to the album. “Dangerously Close” is confirmed 7 tracks in length, but I’ve got a select few wicked rock n’ roll songs still waiting to be recorded as funding allows.PLUS, 10% of every pledge now contributes to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. This is a New Jersey / Philadelphia based charity that is on the front lines of re-building homes and communities still recovering from Hurricane Sandy this past November. A great cause and well run organization that I am proud to support.

Let’s get to 200%, get more songs on the album and launch this rock n’ roll rocket even further into the heavens while helping families in need along the way!

Thank you and rock on. WB


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