– Final Vocals Done, on to Final Mixing – yes!
– MUSIC VIDEO WEEKLY Interview with Wayne Cochrane (Engineer)
March 3, 2013

Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Week 3 of the album recording process for “Dangerously Close” has come to a close and all of the final vocals are finished, done and ready for mixing which starts tomorrow. The pic above is shot of me and Jenn Taylor laying down some singing situations in Studio 1. Jenn will be singing backing vox (and some secret lead stuff) throughout the record. We had been planning on working together for a few years now, so it’s awesome that it finally came together.

The audio engineer I had the fortune to work with this time around was Wayne Cochrane and he brought the “sauce”. Watch the video below for my interview with Wayne just after I sang the last note on the album – he did an awesome driving the starship this past month. Thanks, man!

Monday is the start of the mixing process for the album and is my favorite part of the journey. For this album I will be working with L. Stu Young *cough* he won a Juno for mixing Prince’s hit album “Musicology” *cough* and it’s his uber-genius that brings all the recorded instrumentation and vocals into the best light possible for everyone to listen to and experience at their fullest potential.

I always compare album mixing as similar to film editing. In the cutting room is where the director takes all the scenes that have been shot and puts them together to tell an amazing story. It’s an art all to itself and really takes the recording to the next level.

I’ll touch base with everyone next week with another weekend edition of the Dispatch.

Rock on,

Rosie – Jackson Browne
Click HERE to watch.After 2 1/2 weeks of recording drums, bass, guitars and finally vocals I took 5 mins to shoot the shit with Wayne about the amazing job he did driving the starship home on this record. Live from Studio 1 in Metalworks Studios, Toronto, Ontario.


Hey folks – thanks to your support my album project for “Dangerously Close” successfully reached 100% funding on Dec. 29 and is now scheduled for final recording dates at Metalworks Studios in February!

The campaign still continues and you will be able to make pledge donations all the way up to the PledgeMusic digital download release on April 9. This release date will be for “pledgers only” weeks before the rest of the world gets their turn, so please continue to fund the project and get your exclusive pledge rewards.

Pledge donations made going forward will support MORE studio tracks to be added to the album. “Dangerously Close” is confirmed 7 tracks in length, but I’ve got a select few wicked rock n’ roll songs still waiting to be recorded as funding allows.

PLUS, 10% of every pledge now contributes to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. This is a New Jersey / Philadelphia based charity that is on the front lines of re-building homes and communities still recovering from Hurricane Sandy this past November. A great cause and well run organization that I am proud to support.

Let’s get to 200%, get more songs on the album and launch this rock n’ roll rocket even further into the heavens while helping families in need along the way!

Thank you and rock on. WB


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