Have Your Case And Eat It Too: Japan Creates Edible iPhone Case

There are some bizarre inventions in the world and thanks to the way that we are constantly inundated with new information and bizarre ideas due to our increasing…

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Superstar Physics Student Graduates College at the Age of 18

A young student at southern university is rising above the crowd for his amazing commitment to scholarship.  He is only 18 years old, but he has already finished…

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Man Survives Rare Cancer After Being Told He Had Indigestion

It is scary to think that one morning you could seemingly be completely healthy and the next day, you could be dead. Dane Wilde, a managing director and…

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New Findings Offering Hope to Autistic Children and Their Families

New research shows that a certain drug may have the ability to cure some autism symptoms in children. The best part of this news is that the generic

What’s Hot in Your Black World?


Six Hyundai Employees Kidnapped In<br /><br />
            Southern Nigeria

By Victor Trammell (Bayelsa, NIGERIA)-Armed bandits in Southern Nigeria kidnapped four foreigners and two Nigerians who worked for Hyundai, a South Korean construction firm. According to police officials, the abduction took place in a forest located off the Atlantic coast in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa. Fidelis Odunna, a police official in the area said: “The police are going […]

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New Jobs Report Reveals Black<br /><br />
            Unemployment Rate Is Still Twice The Rate of Whites

By Victor Trammell America is a nation of disproportions. Though the young nation is becoming more diverse, blacks are still experiencing hardships at a rate higher than other ethnic groups. There is an old adage about race that uses illness as an analogy. It states: When whites get a cold, blacks get the flu. Last week’s jobs report […]

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Purposeful Parents:How The Sandy Hook<br /><br />
            Elementary Tragedy Could Have Been DifferentIn the video below, Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses shares her persperctive, as a mother, after the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a young man shot and killed 20 small children and six adults and then took his own life. Nomalanga talks about “Mindful Parenting” and encourages mothers to be mindful of how their children […]

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Drexel University Professor Dr. Yaba<br /><br />
            Blay Talks About ‘One Drop Rule’By Victor Trammell The term “post-racial America” has been tossed around a lot since the election of President Obama in 2008. Though it was a culturally significant part of American history, Obama’s election does not erase the bigotry and racial prejudice still prevalent in many elements of society. Dr. Yaba Blay, (pictured) an assistant professor of […]

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Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Wife Filed<br /><br />
            Amendments to Campaign Fund After Husband’s ResignationA few days after her husband, Jesse Jackson Jr., resigned from congress, Alderman Sandi Jackson filed a series of amendments to her ward committee’s campaign fund. Ald. Jackson’s amendments disclosed transactions that go as far back as the year 2009 that had previously not been disclosed. According to a Sun-Times review, among the transactions were […]

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Sandy Hook Elementary School Closed<br /><br />

Reports are stating that Sandy Hook Elementary School is closed indefinitely following the tragic shooting on Friday. Newtown Public School District superintendent Janet Robinson and Jim Agostine, superintendent in neighboring Monroe, are currently in negotiations to prepare the former Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe to house students and staff displaced by the shooting at […]


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