Today is the last day to take advantage of the BMWK Marital Guide created by power-couple Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of the award-winning Black And Married With Kids website and media platform. The BMWK Marital Guide is one of many products that the Tylers and I partnered on to offer the Your Black World Network family positive images of the Black family and resources for creating, maintaining, and saving Black love and relationships. Click here to view more information.
The BMWK Marital Guide is robust resource for couples seeking a divorce-proof marriage, valued at $40, the BMWK Marital Guide is being offered to you for only $10. Here’s what you’ll get in the BMWK Marital Guide:
  • BMWK Guide to Communication: How to Hear and be Heard in Your Marriage: You’ll learn how to communicate through inevitable marital conflicts to help you conquer misunderstandings and keep fewer of your disagreements from turning into fights.
  • BMWK Guide to Financial Intimacy: How to Develop a Marital Mindset for Wealth: Designed to help you begin the journey of creating or repairing the financial intimacy in your marriages by providing you with some information, guidance, and a safe space to allow for opportunities to self-assess and reflect.
  • BMWK Guide to Intimacy: How to Develop Sexual, Emotional & Spiritual Closeness With Your Spouse: Talks about the different types of intimacy, the biggest threats to intimacy and how to manage them. It also gives you practical tips on how to get your intimate life with your spouse back on track. Lastly, it talks about what to do when you still seem to be stuck in an intimacy rut.
  • BMWK Guide to Overcoming Infidelity: How to Find Healing After the Hurt: Explores the what, who, why and how of infidelity together. There is hope as well as happiness after infidelity, and it is available to any couple who searches and works for it.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a wealth of valuable relationship information at a low cost. The value and quality of information you’ll receive from the BMWK Marital Guide outweighs the cost significantly. In fact, most couples spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars seeking the information being offered in the BMWK Marital Guide for just $10. Click here to purchase your guide before tonight’s 11:59 PM EST deadline. 

If you’re a single man or woman, you too can benefit from the BMWK Marital Guide.  For the single man and woman, purchasing the guide is a small investment in jumping ahead of the marriage learning curve. Would you prefer to learn the key to marriage through your own trial and error or someone else’s? If you’re smart, you’d much rather learn from someone else’s mistakes, as not to repeat them in your own relationship. This rare opportunity ends tonight at 11:59 ESTClick here to purchase your guide now.
The BMWK Marital Guide is your resource for protecting Black Love. Don’t allow this valuable opportunity to pass you by. You’ll regret it later, trust me. Click here to purchase your BMWK Marital Guide now.
Until we meet again, be blessed, be strong, and be educated.
Dr. Boyce Watkins
P.S. The BMWK Marital Guide sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST. Don’t wait until the last minute. Click here to purchase your BMWK Marital Guide now.

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