Bernie Torelli nous a quittés RIP

Bernie Torelli

Bernie Torelli

My friend Bernie is gone:(
I met Bernie Torelli when he was just a little kid hanging in his brother studio in La Fontone south of France next to Antibes in 1972. He ended up in Paris doing recording sessions on guitar with a lot of French recording artists. I remember doing sessions with him for Manu Dibango émoticône smile
After I joined the Chick Corea band in 1978, Bernie arrived in L.A.
Having learn how to be a great recording engineer from his brother Jean Pierre Masseira, I introduced him to the famous French singer Michel Polnareff with whom he worked as an engineer guitar player for few years. He then moved to San Diego to work for my friend Josquin Des pres at his Track Star Studio. At the advent of computers he decided to learn by himself how to program music applications and started a company called “Nomad Factory” making some of the greatest plugins for recording.
Bernie left us yesterday to probably make more music with no limitations émoticône smile
Rest In Peace Mon copain. I’ll miss you.


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