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Burt Bacharach & Tonio K Original DemosFeaturing John Pagano, Bill Champlin, Warren Wiebe and more

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Dear friend,

Today, we are proud and thrilled beyond words to announce a new chapter of our Original Demos series. BURT BACHARACH & TONIO K ORIGINAL DEMOS showcases the sublime work of legendary BURT BACHARACH with his partner in crime, celebrated lyricist TONIO K.

Produced by award-winning producers STEPHAN OBERHOFF, TED PERLMAN and STEVE DEUTSCH, this release presents fourteen demo recordings, featuring vocal performances from JOHN PAGANO, BILLY VALENTINE, BILL CHAMPLIN, WARREN WIEBE, DONNA TAYLOR, BRITTNEY BERTIER, MIMI PALEY and BURT BACHARACH himself.

BURT BACHARACH & TONIO K ORIGINAL DEMOS will be released on May 15th, as anexclusive 1000 copy limited numbered edition.

Ensuring that you’ll have one of these valuable numbered copies, we encourage you to pre-order now at


Thank you for the continued support!


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