Elly Ryan P

Elly Ryan P


My goals are only for me to achieve. In life Society will try to dictate to us what to do by others. I do for MYSELF and feel good when achieved and accomplished and complete. Life is wonderful and I enjoy all the beauty and whatever might be there. Live love give and be happy. Love to do all sports have third degree blk belt and love to do everything possible!!!
Also love to act, sing and model…..
Won 6 crowns and Miss Teen Nevada and Cover Girl of the Year. Going to State in Feb 2016
Will be in Jack Reacher 2 filming now!! 2015
My family such as Paul Simon second cousin and many others have inspired me and I love them all. Thank you Beyoncé for complimenting me on my first single and I now finished my CD. My late great Uncle Dan Seymour would be proud!!!! I love the Arts its in my blood!



TNG Models, Ford, LA Models

– Aujourd’hui (1 an 3 mois)Los Angeles and vegas

Modeling catalog and print, etc….


Paramount Home Entertainment/ Universal/ Disney

– Aujourd’hui (1 an 9 mois)

Midnight special – Jeff Daniels
Model- glamour March edition
Jack reacher( never go back)
Baby driver
Princess key
Q Island awaiting
2016 release
Everybody wants some- paramount
A Monster Calls (Liam Neeson release date October 2016)


Modeling & Television Entertainment

– Aujourd’hui (3 ans 9 mois)all over

Being a manager of my beautiful daughter and very very talented one.

Professional Singer

Wade Martin studio/ Thomas aka Ceelo

– Aujourd’hui (3 ans 9 mois)

If I were a boy
Closed door
On my own
Run run
If I loved you
Run away hearts
Re play
Beyoncé thank you so much for complimenting me on
great convo on tele.
Thomas aka Ceelo Green
Britney Spears thank you for your dancing team


Acting Disney

– Aujourd’hui (5 ans 9 mois)Los Angeles, California

BUNK’D counselors night off
High school musical
Jungle book
Petes dragon
Stuck in the middle

Independent Business Owner

Differant” Faces by Phoenix

– Aujourd’hui (28 ans 7 mois)

Best creative artist in industry accredited and accomplished. I have had a license in every area so far such as massage therapist, and too many to count.,, creative arts painter, sculptor, and great in creative writing, poetry, arts, ballet, opera. I will try my abilities at all things possible. Life is about doing it all.have dermatology background worked with Dr. Arthur Shapiro and top plastic surgeons
Licensed in many fields
RN since 1990
UCLA hospital family wing Schulman
Founder of the garment district in LA grandfather Samuel Neuman and uncle Bill Neuman
Fashion orientation since age 14
Make up in films since 1987 now semi retired
Rescue wild animal life foundation
Animal antics Nikki Riddel
Tip… Hep…..wild life sanctuary
Ferco bros. wild life preservation
Photographer for National Geo. on a few things. I will give my ability and talent to try almost any task within reason. Now I have devoted my time to step aside help others achieve their goals and dreams in life. Such as my beautiful daughter out of five children who has chosen this industry for God knows what reason. However, I will support her no matter what. She will be on top of her game watch for a new face listen for the new voice she is original and captivates any camera !!just give her a try you will see how good she really is Elly Ryan has done many projects along with a few films and modeling projects and is singing and has her first CD coming out this spring.

Chief Make Up artist Phoenix

Differant” Faces by Phoenix, TaUt skin care specialist,

– Aujourd’hui (32 ans)Travel many places…

Hi Phoenix Neuman,
I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile.

“Phoenix is Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented and So much more. I am Blessed to know such a Brilliant Lady. A fierce Mama Bear who inspires many to be their best. I trust her with my Soul…”

make up artist ( owner) 25 years

Differant “Faces

– Aujourd’hui (36 ans 6 mois)

I’m owner


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