Jeff Berlin recently released an amazing new recording celebrating the music of my Dad, with an all star lineup. It’s quite an accomplishment and a true labour of love. Please support, more details including a link to purchase at


Artists on the record include Sammy Hagar, Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Gregg Bissonette, Bill Frisell, Gary Husband, Bruce Guttridge, Eric Johnson, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Alex Ligertwood, Scott Henderson, Marcus Miller, Ron Carter, Tony Levin, Michael League, Nathan East, Mark King, Billy Sheehan and Johnny Hiland.

“Jack Songs” is mastered. Release happens as soon as our sales system is operational.
Also, Beginner Reading books are on their way. Fulfillment will start once they arrive.
Everything is coming together!



I started a new band that is being booked to tour in 2019 called Moshulu. The group includes David Sancious (keyboards, guitar) Dennis Chambers (drums) Greg Howe (guitar) and I, on bass. As things progress, tour schedules will be posted here.

Also, I plan to tour with Michael Whittaker (keyboards) Bruce Guttridge (drums) and Dominic Amato (sax) in the best “jam band” I ever played in.

Finally, Vic Juris (guitar) Mike Clark (drums) and I are touring as a pure jazz guitar trio. I’ve been dying to play with Vic for years.

Jack Bruce begins recording in November. We have a company negociating with us and one way or the other, tracks will commence.

Dot’s dot for now!


Hommage à Jack Bruce

Earlier in another post, I mentioned that anyone at NAMM that gives their email address to John McCracken, the producer of the Jack Bruce recording to later purchase the LP will be given a free T-shirt.

Those who want to pre-purchase the CD instead will be given this poster as a Thank You for supporting the project.


L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes, texte

jeff berlin2










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